List of Opening Phrases & Good Expressions

Opening Phrases

  1. Ten years after the nuclear tests,
  2. Down the centuries,
  3. Gone are the days,
  4. In actuality,
  5. To be true,
  6. In Europe,
  7. It is also true that,
  8. At the same time,
  9. On the same page,
  10. For this reason
  11. Consequently,
  12. In principle,
  13. Of course,
  14. For a moment,
  15. Over the last few years,
  16. Still,
  17. But,
  18. However,
  19. Thus far,
  20. Contrary to this,
  21. On the other hand,
  22. In the same fashion,
  23. Moreover,
  24. Therefore,
  25. Further,
  26. Furthermore,
  27. At its base,
  28. In all,
  29. Alas,
  30. But then,
  31. In some ways,
  32. What is more,
  33. Even so,
  34. Once again,
  35. By all accounts,
  36. As an infant,
  37. Meanwhile,
  38. Unlike the other males of this clan,
  39. Obviously,
  40. Regardless,
  41. To conclude,
  42. To drive the point home,

Some Writing Expressions

  • Skyscrapers
  • By the advent of machine age,
  • Down the century,
  • By then: the human population will increase by about three billion people by then.
  • The then principal
  • Situated in the heart of the urban center.
  • Many believe
  • He has been rendering his services as a teacher of English literature and language: provides food for thought even to common rut of people
  • First and foremost, in my perspective,
  • In actuality,
  • By quoting the glaring example of
  • In culmination of above lines, we may opine that
  • It will not be a concealment of facts if I stated that -------
  • If I stated that -----------, it will not be a concealment of fac
  • Next, you must prepare, in your mind, an outline of your ingredients and the scheme of presentation, before putting pen to the paper.
  • Another misconception about essay writing is that if you write more and more stuff, however superfluous it may be, you will impress the examiner and get the maximum marks.
  • A false notion prevailed among the teenagers is that if they grew up as celebrities, even at the cost of their academics, they will become the successful people.
  • And, on the contrary, others assert that…
  • Now, in the concluding paragraph, we may assert that…
  • Gone are the days, when people spent several hours with their family.
  • Reading comprehension is, beyond and cavil, an integral part of language learning and testing, in all kinds and levels of language teaching from English subjective