Q:1 How can I take classes?

Answer: It is very easy, we provide online sessions, which are different from other sessions in a sense that, mostly, in other online training, learning institutes share some documents or video clips but we offer live sessions, as well. After two or three days, you will not even feel the difference in whether you are in a conventional or online session. You can further see the comments of different people, how they are satisfied with this teaching methodology and online learning.

Q:2 What are the timings of the classes

Answer: As for as timing is concerned, you may consult the timetable provided on this website.

Q:3 What is the fee?

Answer: We charge $300 USD for a complete preparational course. For further information, kindly click on the following link Fee Payment.

Q:4 How can someone join the online classes?

Answer: Please visit the "Live Session" page provided on the site.

Q:5 What is your location?

Answer: We are located in Lahore, Pakistan.

(Visit the "Contact Us" page for more information)

Q:6 What would be the course duration?

Answer: The course duration is normally 1 month or 20 working days classes. See "Timetable" and "Course Outline".

Q:7 How could I improve my IELTS score and bands?

Answer: It is important that you familiarize yourself with IELTS standards and tests. Thereafter, proceed to practice using the various invaluable resources provided on this site, as well as seeking guidance from our IELTS trainers.

Q:8 How can I prepare for IELTS?

Answer: Put in a concerted effort to utilize every resource you have been provided with. Additionally, practice is absolutely compulsory when it comes to IELTS if you wish to achieve your desired score.

Q:9 Some points to get your desired bands?

Answer: Take a look at the various writing and speaking examples provided on this site for guidance. Also, consult our blog and YouTube videos for a lot of useful information regarding IELTS.

Q:10 How to get bands in writing/reading/speaking/listening?

Answer: Various samples have been constructed for the purpose of helping you better understand what IELTS requires of you concerning the different tests. Visit the IELTS Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading links for more information.

Q:11 Who will conduct the classes?

Answer: Our team, which is lead by Sir Ayaz, will conduct the sessions.

(See "Our Team")

Q:12 Do we have a set up where we conduct classes?

Answer: Online classes are conducted as opposed to conventional classes for the convenience of our diverse range of students.

Q:13 What medium do you use to conduct classes?

Answer: Please visit the "meeting" page.

Q:14 How are your previous result?

Answer: We are proud to say that we have a stellar track record. Records of the results of our previous trainees can attest to that.

Q:15 What is the procedure to deposit the fee?

Answer: Please visit the "Fee Payment" page for more information.

Q:16 Which application should we use in order to take the online sessions?

Answer: You will require a mic, headphones, a laptop or smartphone. We recommend a laptop. Please visit the "Live Session" page for more information.

Q:17 What if we are not ready to take the test in 20 working days, do we have to pay any additional charges?

Answer: No, we will accommodate you for three months for the same fee.

Q:18 Is it an individual class or a whole group of students?

Answer: We conduct group sessions in a very cordial manner so as to accommodate and support each and every student.

Q:19 Can we ask questions in the video conferencing?

Answer: Yes, you may.