Book 7 Test 1 Section 2

Adequate adjective Synonym: Sufficient

Enough in quantity, or good enough in quality, for a particular purpose or need

· An adequate supply of hot water

· The room was small but adequate.

· There is a lack of adequate provision for disabled students.

Adequate for something

· The space available is not adequate for our needs.

Adequate to do something

· Training that is adequate to meet the future needs of industry

Aqueducts noun Synonym: Canal

A structure for carrying water, usually one built like a bridge across a valley or low ground

· Water is provided through an aqueduct.

Aquifers noun Synonym: Water Channel

A layer of rock or soil that can absorb and hold water

· An aquifer of California

Consequences noun Synonym: Results, name of a game

A game in which each player writes the first line of a story on a piece of paper and then passes it to the next player who writes the second line, and so on. Each player folds the paper so that the next player cannot see what is already written. The result is a number of crazy and often funny stories. The stories follow a pattern that always begins with the names of two people and ends with the sentence

· 'And the consequence was…’

Conserve verb Synonym: Save

Conserve something to use as little of something as possible so that it lasts a long time

· Help to conserve energy by insulating your home.

· Renewable energy resources can help conserve fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions.

Conserve something to protect something and prevent it from being changed or destroyed

· New laws to conserve wildlife in the area.

Ecological adjective Synonym: Environmental

Connected with the relation of plants and living creatures to each other and to their environment

· We risk upsetting the ecological balance of the area.

· An ecological disaster (= one that alters the whole balance of ecology in an area)

Interested in and concerned about the ecology of a place

· The ecological movement

Ecosystems noun Synonym: Environment

All the plants and living creatures in a particular area considered in relation to their physical environment

· Islands often support delicate ecosystems that evolved without any need for defence.

Endangered adjective Synonym: Jeoperdize

(used about groups of animals, plants, etc.) at risk of no longer existing

· 14% of primate species are highly endangered.

· These orang-utans are critically endangered due to habitat loss.

· The sea turtle is an endangered species .

Entwined verb Synonym: Entangle

Entwine something (with/in/around something) to twist or wind something around something else

· They strolled through the park, with arms entwined.

· The balcony was entwined with roses.

Be entwined (with something) to be very closely involved or connected with something

· Her destiny was entwined with his.

· Their lives are entwined.

Environmental adjective Synonym: Natural

Connected with the natural conditions in which people, animals and plants live; connected with the environment

· The environmental impact of pollution

· Environmental issues/problems

· An environmental group/movement (= that aims to improve or protect the natural environment)

· Environmental damage

Connected with the conditions that affect the behaviour and development of somebody/something

· Environmental influencesan

· Environmental health officer

Jeopardising verb Synonym: Endanger

Jeopardize something/somebody (formal) to risk harming or destroyingsomething/somebody

· He would never do anything to jeopardize his career.

· This scandal could seriously jeopardize his chances of being re-elected.

Manipulate verb Synonym: Manoeuver

(disapproving) to control or influence somebody/something, often in a dishonest way so that they do not realize it

Manipulate somebody/something

· She uses her charm to manipulate people.

· As a politician, he knows how to manipulate public opinion.

Manipulate somebody into something/into doing something

· They managed to manipulate us into agreeing to help.

Manipulate something (formal) to control or use something in a skilful way