IELTS Writing Task 2 : Sample 50

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You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Extreme sports such as sky diving and skiing are very dangerous and should be banned.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

Write at least 250 words

Response 1

Sports has a significant role in maintaining physical fitness and is considered an enjoyable activity but certain sports such as skiing and skydiving hold extreme physical risks. It has been seen that often people die or injure themselves for life while partaking in an adventurous sport or a stunt. It is because of these incidents that some people believe that sports involving risk of life must be abolished. However, I believe that death is fatal; banning a sport won’t save anyone’s life.

Sports cannot be considered dangerous as such sports activities are only allowed for individuals who are well equipped, trained, and have gone through several safety checks and regulations. Strict regulations and procedures, as well as safety measures, are followed to avoid any inappropriate behaviour. Wrestling has been the most brutal sport since ages but has barely any death case, because fighters acknowledge specified skills to avoid death-causing attacks. Because of the advanced technologies and equipment along with consistent improvement such sports are no longer as hazardous as they used to be.

The said sports are not only sports but ways to survive in extreme conditions such as; in countries with heavy snow: skiing is not learnt as a sport but a technique for transport. Similarly, skydiving is a part of pilots training to escape to save their lives in case of an accident. The skills are essential to save lives indeed if proper training is given. Furthermore, with proper protective measures and having improved equipment such as helmets and braces, the rates of accidents can possibly be minimized.

In conclusion, although the extreme sports hold potential harms, the risk of accident can be considerably reduced and, hence, should not be banned. More specifically, casting prohibition is restricting the freedom of choices, and namely, everyone has his or her right to enjoy themselves.

Written by Salma Usman.

Response 2

Sports, in any form, is the most healthy form of fun there is. In my opinion, the entire idea of banning them is preposterous.

Some may argue that the people that are so often reckless with their safety should not be given the means and access to that which may fatally harm them. However, there is an infinite number of dangerously easily accessible resources- such as drugs- that are out there, other than sports. Sports, in essence, does not hold a candle to the greater bad posing a threat to a far wider range of people that is not paid enough mind to have banned.

It is a known fact that anyone who indulges in extreme sport does so at their own risk. Sports is an escape, a refreshing indulgence in life that it would be cruel to deprive anyone of. It is, I think, the most organic drug there is. To ban the sports on the grounds of risk would, undoubtedly, be ridiculous because essentially everything has a measure of risk to it if we consider it carefully. There are various precautionary measures and requirements in place for those who participate, further crediting these sports.

In conclusion, we may assert that I do not, in the least, support the abolishment of extreme sports due to some misled notion of protecting people. There are far more dangerous, far less beautiful thing out there to worry about.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.