IELTS Academic writing task 2 : Sample 04

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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

write about the following topic:

Today more people are travelling than ever before. Why is this the case? What are benefits of travelling for the travelers?

Write at least 250 words

Response 1

By the advent of this century, the means and modes that compel people to travel more than ever before have been significantly improved. Since ages, travelling has a strong impact on people's lives. In the same way, the present increase in travelling brings copious benefits for those who like to explore new vistas of life around the world.

The current advancements in all modes of travelling such as, roads infrastructure, fast vehicles, modern railways and comfortable air travelling

make it easier for people to travel from one point to another in less time. In the beginning, the Metro project in Lahore was severely deplored by some political parties, but its successful execution has made it possible for tons of commuters - students, teachers, doctors, public and private sector employees- to cover the long distances in cheap fares. This public transport deeply affects the financial grounds of the people’s lives, it is observed to be convenient and environmentally friendly, as well. Another example is bullet trains, which, in many developed countries such as China and Japan, have revolutionized the conventional railways. Collectively, each single step in the course of modernization could be considered as a milestone in travelling, and all factors play a vital role to further boost this trend.

On one side it is difficult to manage the increasing number of travellers, but in many ways, it is also beneficial for both people and society. It acts as a catalyst in academic growth. Now, every day, hundreds of knowledge seekers commute to their destination

ions to quench their thirst for knowledge. In health and medication, Rescue 1122 claims that, only because of their fast service, more than 40,000 people were rescued in the year 2016, which reflects the merits of the latest ambulance services. At present, in financial grounds, people can avail more opportunities to make money and the modern ways of movement can save the lives of thousands.

In the end, we may assert that one blessing of machine age on the humans can be closely associated with today’s transportation system, and, in my opinion, this is one of the main reasons of growing trend of travelling around the globe.

Response 2

Since the modernization of the transport system, the statement regarding increasing trend of travelling attracts our immediate attention because of its universality. Analytically speaking, there are copious reasons for this current increase in travelling. In my point of view, it would be pretty advisable to discuss all dimensions of the topic before reaching a final conclusion.

Thanks to modern technology, this makes it easier to traverse around the globe in no time. First, the latest railways are the best mean of transportation. For example, in running days, speedy and robust locomotives can pull hundreds of people and help them to commute to their destination. Second, Because of the competition in the transportation industry, now, people can afford tickets for their journeys. Lastly, media also promotes tourism, is another important factor in increasing people’s interest in travelling. Overall, the current trend brings loads of benefits for travellers.

In the same fashion, globalization compels people to move around in order to earn bread and butter for their household. From Pakistan, everyday people fly to Dubai and other countries, this is how they make huge amounts of money. This is how the impact of culture and heritage of one society fuses with other societies. For instance, Turkey is the country that generates huge finances in terms of tourism. In the end, we may assert that the travelling is a blessing for people in many ways.

In conclusion, still, there are some grey areas in transportation system which can be further improved because this industry has a strong impact on the economy of a nation.