IELTS Book 8 Test 1 Section 3

8 T1 S3

Brink Noun Synonym: Verge

The brink (of something) if you are on the brink of something, you are almost in a very new, dangerous or exciting situation

· On the brink of collapse/war/death/disaster

· Scientists are on the brink of making a major new discovery.

· He's pulled the company back from the brink (= he has saved it from disaster).

· Teetering/poised/hovering on the brink

· Animals hovering on the very brink of extinction

(literary) the extreme edge of land, for example at the top of a cliff or by a river

· The brink of the precipice

Concur Verb Synonym: Approve

[intransitive, transitive] concur (with somebody) (in something) | concur (with something) | concur (that…) | (+ speech) (formal) to agree

· Historians have concurred with each other in this view.

· The coroner concurred with this assessment.

Derision noun Synonym: Scorn

A strong feeling that somebody/something is ridiculous and not worth considering seriously, shown by laughing in an unkind way or by making unkind remarks

· Her speech was greeted with howls of derision.

· He became an object of universal derision.

Esoteric adjective Synonym: Mysterious

Likely to be understood or enjoyed by only a few people with a special knowledge or interest

· A programme of music for everyone, even those with the most esoteric taste

· Specialist dictionaries may be required to understand some of the more esoteric texts.

Implication Noun Synonym: Suggestion

[countable, usually plural] implication (of something) (for something) a possible effect or result of an action or a decision

· They failed to consider the wider implications of their actions.

· The development of the site will have implications for the surrounding countryside.

[countable, uncountable] something that is suggested or indirectly stated (= something that is implied)

· The implication in his article is that being a housewife is greatly inferior to every other occupation.

· He criticized the Director and, by implication, the whole of the organization.

[uncountable] implication (of somebody) (in something) the fact of being involved, or of involving somebody, in something, especially a crime

· The culprit implicated of some holy cows.

Meditation Noun Synonym: Contemplation

Your mind calm

· She found peace through yoga and meditation.

· He was deep in meditation and didn't see me come in.

[countable, usually plural] meditation (on something) (formal) serious thoughts on a particular subject that somebody writes down or speaks

· His meditations on life and art

Outright adjective Synonym: Unconditional

Complete and total

· An outright ban/rejection/victory

· She was the outright winner.

· No one party is expected to gain an outright majority.

Open and direct

· There was outright opposition to the plan.

Recline Verb Synonym: Sprawl

[intransitive] recline (against/in/on something) (formal) to sit or lie in a relaxed way, with your body leaning backwards

· She was reclining on a sofa.

· A reclining figure (= for example in a painting)

[intransitive, transitive] recline (something) when a seat reclines or when you recline a seat, the back of it moves into a comfortable sloping position

· A reclining chair

Sceptical adjective Synonym: Doubtful

Sceptical (about/of something) having doubts that a claim or statement is true or that something will happen

· I am sceptical about his chances of winning.

· The public remain sceptical of these claims.

· She looked highly sceptical.

Sceptic noun Synonym: Iconoclast

A person who usually doubts that claims or statements are true, especially those that other people believe in

· I am a born sceptic.

· He was unable to convince the sceptics in the audience.

Spark NOUN