13 # Cue Card (Something Healthy)

Describe something healthy you enjoy doing

You should say:

  • What you do
  • where you do it
  • who you do it with

Explain why you think doing this is healthy


I'm not a person who would enjoy being entirely confined to four walls for long periods of time, despite my fondness of solitude. I like to maintain a healthy routine of going out in nature once in a while. Almost all outdoor activities and sports are to my liking; gardening being one of them. I often like making gardens and maintaining the yard of my own house, as it is scarcely tended to. I like to create various contraptions of the scrap material lying around in the backyard. I've had a fondness for building things from a young age, so it serves as a means to relax me and can be considered therapeutic. I try my hand at gardening whenever I'm in need to vent my stress physically- which is quite often- but with little success. That, however, does not dissuade me from gardening nonetheless. My mum often does some garden work with me, having a desire to plant herbs that she uses in the kitchen. It would be a means to save money used to purchase herbs at ridiculous prices from grocery stores, after all. Gardening is beneficial for anyone who does it because it involves physical work- which improves one's health, gardening can be therapeutic, it's also healthy considering the fact that one spends time outside, under the sun among a number of other reasons. It is a far more productive pastime than other hobbies and I could not recommend it less for anyone looking for a calming outdoor activity that also entails getting fit.

Thank you.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.