39 # Cue Card (Uniform)

Describe about uniform

You should say:

  • Why do people wear uniform
  • Have you ever worn a uniform
  • What role does uniform play in person's life

and explain whether uniform has major impact on one's action.


If asked, any student would say they hate wearing their uniform. Which is a given, youngsters would naturally be predisposed to disliking the extra bit of effort that goes into changing for school every morning into clothes similar to everyone else's, clothes that may not agree with their individual "style". These days, people are required to wear uniform mostly for the purpose of representing and advertising the group, company or school in question. However, I believe that certain clothes induce a certain behaviour. Uniform is in place to impose or bring forth a certain character in everyone, depending on the environment in question. I also believe uniform is a means to ensure that everyone feels they are on equal grounds, on the same level. So no one feels superior or inferior to another, which, I believe, makes for a better working and learning environment considering the versatile personality and facilities of each and every human being. I've worn uniform throughout my primary and secondary phases of learning. I was fond of the uniforms, they made me feel more capable of achieving what I set my mind to do. They made me feel more collected whereas some regular clothes would make me feel inferior, distracted or self-conscious. Donning a uniform is also a test of responsibility for the one who wears it in the sense that the person may be inspected on how well they care for it and how they present themselves. After all, how people dress does say a lot about them.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.