54 # Cue Card (Childhood friend)

Describe a friend from your childhood

You should say:

  • How you met him/her
  • How long you are friends and what you did together
  • What made you like him/her

and explain your friendship.


There is only one person from my childhood who I would actually certify as a 'childhood friend'. When my family and I moved into a flat when I was around eight to ten years old, I met one of the residents of the flat, who was a quiet Indian girl. We were neighbours, so we obviously, eventually, had to meet. We started playing in the complex together shortly after. We would naturally rope all the children in the complex to play a number of games with us as well. She would visit me quite often, despite how messy my house would get. She is one person whom I can say knows the intricacies of my life quite intimately. She understood how every person affected me in their own way, seeing as she was the only person I ever really let into my life openly. She is a very intelligent, kind and compassionate girl, anyone would take a liking to her. We may have had our differences from time to time, as any normal kids would, but she we always made and amends and she stuck with me through thick and thin. She became my best friend, even after I moved away, we maintain contact and have become a closer pair still.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.