5 # Cue Card (Restaurant)

Describe your favorite restaurant

You should say:

  • where is it
  • what it looks like inside and outside
  • what kinds of foods they serve

and explain what makes this restaurant so special to you and others


Coffee Bar, Traditional Cuisines, Appetizer, Aroma of delicious dishes, Mouthwatering taste, Grill, Barbecue, Tandoori, Chinese and Italian food, Halal Food, Steakhouse, stuffed with people, tourists often visits, drive through, fine dining, Dine out, Dine in, dessert, delicious, credit cards, over crowded, emerging food industry, suburb, vicinity, professional waiters, cooperative manager, diversity of food, sitting arrangements, Open air sitting, well known restaurant, busy like a bee.


My favourite restaurant is one of the classic cliches of this age: McDonald's.Despite the media deeming such fast food restaurants questionable in terms of quality, I love them nonetheless. The best supplier or both comfort food and a happy place is McDonald's, in my opinion. Their services never fall short, especially concerning their actual food. Serving everything from breakfast to a full course meal and even dessert, I would eat it every day if I had the finances- and lacked the tiny bit of concern I manage to have for my health. Additionally, McDonald's prices are not half as ridiculous as regular restaurants' prices, despite inflation. I commend the McDonald's staff for always keeping their establishment sanitary and tidy. Not only is it clean but it is also pleasant to look at. As soon as the red and yellow building with its giant M comes into view, my spirit- and stomach- lifts in anticipation. They serve rolls, a wide array of burgers, ice cream, milkshake and much more. My arteries virtually beg for a clogging upon seeing their menu. My younger siblings become ecstatic because every McDonald's franchise in every area is both considerate and smart enough to house a play area for children that consists of various games and slides. The internal environment is always one of brightness and comfort, always ensuring quality furniture and good lighting.

McDonald's is special to me, not only for the deliciously obvious reasons but also because my siblings and I grew up loving and eating from the franchise even as it evolved, just as we did.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.