16 # Cue Card (Competition)

Describe a competition (e.g. TV, College/work or sports competition that you took part in)

You should say:

  • What kind of competition it was
  • how you found about it
  • What you had to do
  • what the prizes were

Explain why you choose to take part in this competition


The schools I have attended did not focus a lot on competitions of any sorts except sports, which I did not really participate in, save for the fact that I took part in the cricket team for a short while in high school. My parents thought of extracurricular activities as an unwise use of my time, though I had no lack of desire or enthusiasm to participate in school sports. In high school, however, I did take part in a small competition that was held on an end-of-term fun day that the school was hosting to conclude the busy school semester. My classmates were the ones who initially informed me of the competition that was to take place within the school; they told me that every grade in the school would pick an artist from among themselves to draw a portrait on behalf of the whole grade on the walkway near the principle's office, which would later be judged by the teachers. The people in my class chose me to draw the picture, to my pleasant surprise. All the artists were provided with colourful chalk to draw, with the choice to use anything else they wanted as long as it was not permanent. So I decided to use an addition of charcoal to draw the outlines of the picture I was drawing for more visible boundaries between the colours. Upon discussing what to draw, my classmates and I decided that I would draw a complex picture of Sylvester and Tweety from a famous animated cartoon. Considering the fact that this all happened in the middle of winter, my fingers were brutally cold and stuff, but I managed to draw just fine, nonetheless. The picture did not take long at all, and upon completion, everyone- including my opponents- was utterly impressed with what I drew. Suffice it to say, my grade won the competition and my classmates rewarded me with buying me food. It was a very memorable and fun day for all us.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.