Book 6 GT B

Matinees (noun) Synonym: Performance

An afternoon performance of a play, etc.; an afternoon showing of a film/movie

· Today I watched a matinee show.

Inclusive (adjective) Synonym: Labour

Having the total cost, or the cost of something that is mentioned, contained in the price

· The fully inclusive fare for the trip is £52.

Inclusive of something

· The rent is inclusive of water and heating.

(from)… to… inclusive (British English) including all the days, months, numbers, etc. mentioned

· We are offering free holidays for children aged two to eleven inclusive.

· The castle is open daily from May to October inclusive.British/​American

Including a wide range of people, things, ideas, etc.

· The party must adopt more inclusive strategies and a broader vision.

Wheelchair (noun) Synonym: Wheel Chair

A special chair with wheels, used by people who cannot walk because of illness, an accident, etc.

· Does the hotel have wheelchair access?

· He's been confined to a wheelchair since the accident.

Recreational (adjective) Synonym: Entertaining

Connected with activities that people do for enjoyment when they are not working

· Recreational activities/facilities

· These areas are set aside for public recreational use.

Extinct(adjective) Synonym: Abolished

Of a type of plant, animal, etc.) no longer in existence

· The red squirrel is in danger of becoming extinct in England.

· The fossilised remains of extinct animals

· The numbers of these animals have been falling steadily and they are now almost extinct.

· The species was presumed extinct.

(of a type of person, job or way of life) no longer in existence in society

· Servants are now almost extinct in modern society.

(of a volcano) no longer active

· An extinct volcano

Uncontested (adjective) Synonym: Undisputed

Without any opposition or argument

· An uncontested election/divorce

· These claims have not gone uncontested.

Colonised (verb) Synonym: Conquer

Colonize something to take control of an area or a country that is not your own, especially using force, and send people from your own country to live there

· The area was colonized by the Vikings.

Colonize something (biology) (of animals or plants) to live or grow in large numbers in a particular area

· The slopes are colonized by flowering plants.

· Bats had colonized the ruins.

Awkward (adjective) Synonym: Inconvenient

Making you feel embarrassed

· There was an awkward silence.

· I felt awkward because they obviously wanted to be alone.

Difficult to deal with

· Don't ask awkward questions.

· You've put me in an awkward position.

· An awkward customer (= a person who is difficult to deal with)

· Please don't be awkward about letting him come.

It makes things awkward for everyone when you behave like that.

Not convenient

· Have I come at an awkward time?

Difficult or dangerous because of its shape or design

· This box is very awkward for one person to carry.

· This tool will reach into awkward corners, such as under kitchen units.

Not moving in an easy way; not comfortable

· He tried to dance, but he was too clumsy and awkward.

· I must have slept in an awkward position—I'm aching all over.

Predators (noun) Synonym: Hunter

An animal that kills and eats other animals

· Some animals have no natural predators.

· The relationship between predator and prey

(disapproving) a person or an organization that uses weaker people for their own advantage

· To protect domestic industry from foreign predators

Anatomist (noun) Synonym: Doctor

A scientist who studies anatomy

· An anatomist study human anatomy.

Reptile (noun) Synonym: Animal

Any animal that has cold blood and skin covered in scales, and that lays eggs.

· Snakes, crocodiles and tortoises are all reptiles.

Decades(noun) Synonym: Decagon

A period of ten years, especially a continuous period, such as 1910–1919 or 2000–2009

· Last dacade was not supportive for kite-flying in Pakistan.

Specimens( noun) Synonym: Sample

A small amount of something that shows what the rest of it is like

· Astronauts have brought back specimens of rock from the moon.

· Can you give me a specimen of your handwriting?

A single example of something, especially an animal or a plant

· The aquarium has some interesting specimens of unusual tropical fish.

· Redwood trees can live for a long time; one specimen is 4 000 years old.

· (humorous) They were fine specimens of British youth!

A small quantity of blood, urine, etc. that is taken from somebody and tested by a doctor

· To provide/take a specimen

Triumphant(adjective) Synonym: Successful

Very successful in a way that causes great satisfaction

· They emerged triumphant in the September election.

Showing great satisfaction or joy about a victory or success

· A triumphant smile

Vertebrate (adjective) Synonym: Animal

(of an animal) having a backbone

· Lion is a bertebrate animal.

Abdomen (noun) Synonym: Labour

The part of the body below the chest that contains the stomach, bowels, etc.

· Patients reported pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen.

The end part of an insect’s body that is attached to its thorax

· A centipede always has its abdomen wet.

Impressive(adjective) Synonym: Influential

(of things or people) making you feel admiration, because they are very large, good, skilful, etc.

· An impressive building with a huge tower

· One of the most impressive novels of recent years

· She was very impressive in the interview.

Exhibited (verb) Synonym: Labour

[transitive, intransitive] to show something in a public place for people to enjoy or to give them information

Exhibit something (at/in…)

· They will be exhibiting their new designs at the trade fairs.

· Only one painting was exhibited in the artist's lifetime.

Exhibit (at/in…)

· He exhibits regularly in local art galleries.

[transitive] exhibit something (formal) to show clearly that you have or feel a particular feeling, quality or ability

· The patient exhibited signs of fatigue and memory loss.