44 # Cue Card (The Carnival)

A visit to the carnival

You should say:

  • When did you visit it
  • Describe the good things about the carnival
  • Where this carnival was

and explain how could have the carnival been made better.


When I was younger, we lived in a city that hosted a lot of carnivals. My siblings and I would insist on attending as many as we could. On a particularly spectacular carnival that took place more or less ten years ago, my whole family and I attended the festivities. The carnival took place during the late afternoon and carried on late into the night as well. To my delight, the fun rides did not close down even when night fell upon the field on which the festivities took place. The celebration for one or the other festive season included a very wide array of sweets and food, from Asian to European treats and much more. The place looked as lovely as it smelled, to be honest. Everything was bright and colourful, it almost felt like a dream. The rides were not overpriced, from what I recall, and the variety was quite far from disappointing as well. There were all sorts of calming, thrilling and downright terrifying swings available. Usually, at carnivals like these, there is a wide range of such forms of entertainment that do not permit children due to safety measures and other such reasons. At this carnival, however, I was pleased to find that the rides open to children were positively numerous. This carnival, in my opinion, was by far the best carnival hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.