IELTS Book 6 Test 2 Section 1

Advantages of Public Transport

Congestion (noun) Synonym: Blockage

The state of being crowded and full of traffic

  • traffic congestion and pollution

(In medical terms) the state of part of the body being blocked with blood or mucus

  • congestion of the lungs medicine to relieve nasal congestion

Counterparts (noun) Synonym: Colleague

A person or thing that has the same position or function as somebody/something else in a different place or situation

  • The Foreign Minister held talks with his Chinese counterpart.
  • The women's shoe, like its male counterpart, is specifically designed for the serious tennis player

Flourishes (verb) Synonym: Brandish

To develop quickly and be successful or common

  • Few businesses are flourishing in the present economic climate.
  • The arts began to flourish at that time.There was a flourishing black market.

To grow well; to be healthy and happy

  • These plants flourish in a damp climate.

Pour (verb) Synonym: Decant

To pour something (+ adv./ prep.) to make a liquid or other substance flow from a container in a continuous stream, especially by holding the container at an angle.

  • She poured boiling water down the sink.
  • Although I poured it carefully, I still spilled some.

Preferences (noun) Synonym: Taste

Preference (for somebody/something) a greater interest in or desire for somebody/something than somebody/something else

  • It's a matter of personal preference.
  • I can't say that I have any particular preference.

Referendum (noun) Synonym: Vote

Referendum (on something) an occasion when all the people of a country can vote on an important issue

  • The changes were approved by referendum.

Suburb (noun) Synonym: Outskirt

An area where people live that is outside the centre of a city

  • a suburb of Londona London suburb
  • They live in the suburbs.

Widespread (adjective) Synonym: Far-flung

Existing or happening over a large area or among many people widespread damage

  • The plan received widespread support throughout the country.