IELTS Book 7 Test 1 Section 3

7 T1 S3

Accredited adjective Synonym: Certified

(of a person) officially recognized as something; with official permission to be something

· Our accredited representative

· Only accredited journalists were allowed entry.

Officially approved as being of an accepted quality or standard

· A fully accredited school/university/course

Attribute verb Synonym: Chracteristic

To say or believe that somebody is responsible for doing something, especially for saying, writing or painting something

Attribute something

· The committee refused to attribute blame without further information.

Attribute something to something to say or believe that something is the result of a particular thing

· She attributes her success to hard work and a little luck.

Attribute something to somebody

· This play is usually attributed to Shakespeare.

Autocratic adjective Synonym: Despotic

Having complete power; involving rule by somebody who has complete power

· An autocratic leaderautocratic regimes

Expecting to be obeyed by other people and not caring about their opinions or feelings

· An autocratic manager

Baroque noun Synonym: Decorative

The grand and highly decorated style used in European architecture, art and music in the 17th and early 18th centuries

· Paintings representative of the baroque

Beforehand adverb Synonym: Premature

Earlier; before something else happens or is done

· Two weeks/three days/a few hours beforehand

· I wish we'd known about it beforehand.

· He warned me beforehand what to expect.

Categorical adjective Synonym: Explicit

Expressed clearly and in a way that shows that you are very sure about what you are saying

· To make a categorical statementto give a categorical assurance

· They gave him a categorical assurance that he would not be hurt.

Concentrating verb Synonym: Focus, Intencify

[intransitive, transitive] to give all your attention to something and not think about anything else

Concentrate (on something/on doing something)

· I can't concentrate with all that noise going on.

Concentrate something

· Nothing concentrates the mind better than the knowledge that you could die tomorrow (= it makes you think very clearly).

Concentrate something (on something/on doing something)

· I decided to concentrate all my efforts on finding somewhere to live.

[transitive] concentrate something + adv./prep. To bring something together in one place

· Power is largely concentrated in the hands of a small elite.

· We need to concentrate resources on the most run-down areas.

· Fighting was concentrated around the towns to the north.

[transitive] concentrate something (specialist) to increase the strength of a substance by reducing its volume, for example by boiling it

Consciousness noun Synonym: Awareness

The state of being able to use your senses and mental powers to understand what is happening

· I can't remember any more—I must have lost consciousness.

· She did not regain consciousness and died the next day.

The state of being aware of something

· His consciousness of the challenge facing him

· Class-consciousness (= consciousness of different classes in society)

The ideas and opinions of a person or group

· Her newly developed political consciousness

· Issues affecting the popular consciousness of the time

Counterproductive Adjective Synonym: Detrimental

Having the opposite effect to the one which was intended

· Increases in taxation would be counterproductive.

· Introducing sanctions at this point could be politically counterproductive.

· It would be counterproductive to act hastily at this stage.

· Counterproductive behaviour/policies/effects

Dispensed verb Synonym: Distribute

Dispense something (to somebody) (formal) to give out something to people

· The machine dispenses a range of drinks and snacks.

Dispense something (to somebody) (formal) to provide something, especially a service, for people

· The organization dispenses free health care to the poor.

· To dispense justice/advice

Dispense something to prepare medicine and give it to people, as a job

· To dispense a prescription

· (British English) to dispense medicine

· (British English) a dispensing chemist

Dramatisation noun Synonym: Presentation

[uncountable, countable] the process of presenting a book, an event, etc. as a play or film/movie; a play or film/movie of this kind

· A television dramatization of the trial

[uncountable] the act of making something seem more exciting or important than it really is

· She has a tendency to dramatization.

Elusive adjective Synonym: Ambiguous

Difficult to find, define or achieve

· Eric, as elusive as ever, was nowhere to be found.

· The elusive concept of ‘literature’A solution to the problem of toxic waste is proving elusive.

Emulate verb Synonym: Mimic

Emulate somebody/something (formal) to try to do something as well as somebody else because you admire them

· She hopes to emulate her sister's sporting achievements.

Emulate something (computing) (of a computer program, etc.) to work in the same way as another computer, etc. and perform the same tasks

· Microsoft Windows and Linux are emulating many aspects of each other.

Hypnosis noun Synonym: Trance

An unconscious state in which somebody can still see and hear and can be influenced to follow commands or answer questions

· She only remembered details of the accident under hypnosis.

· Changes in breathing observed during hypnosisthe things that people remember under hypnosis


· He uses hypnosis as part of the treatment.

· Hypnosis helped me give up smoking.

Illustration noun Synonym: Explanation

[countable] a drawing or picture in a book, magazine, etc. especially one that explains something

· 50 full-colour illustrations

[uncountable] the process of illustrating something

· The art of book illustration

[countable, uncountable] a story, an event or an example that clearly shows the truth about something

· The statistics are a clear illustration of the point I am trying to make

· Let me, by way of illustration, quote from one of her poems.

Improvised verb Synonym: Spontaneous

[intransitive, transitive] to make or do something using whatever is available, usually because you do not have what you really need

· There isn't much equipment.

· We're going to have to improvise.

Improvise something

· We improvised some shelves out of planks of wood and bricks.

· We hastily improvised a screen out of an old blanket.You can quickly improvise a shield to protect your arm.

[intransitive, transitive] to invent music, the words in a play, a statement, etc. while you are playing or speaking, instead of planning it in advance

· ‘It'll be ready some time next week, I expect,’ she said, improvising.

Improvise on something

· He improvised on the melody.

Improvise something

· An improvised speech

Inadequate adjective Synonym: Insufficient

Not enough; not good enough

· Inadequate supplies

Inadequate for something

· The system is inadequate for the tasks it has to perform.

Inadequate to do something

· The food supplies are inadequate to meet the needs of the hungry.

(of people) not able, or not confident enough, to deal with a situation

· I felt totally inadequate as a parent.

Likewise adverb Synonym: Similarly

(formal) the same; in a similar way

· He voted for the change and he expected his colleagues to do likewise.

(formal) also

· Her second marriage was likewise unhappy.

(informal) used to show that you feel the same towards somebody or about something

· ‘Let me know if you ever need any help.’ ‘Likewise.’

Notoriety noun Synonym: Infamy

Fame for being bad in some way

notoriety (for something)

· She achieved notoriety for her affair with the senator.

· This make of car has a certain notoriety for rust problems.

Notoriety (as something)

· He gained a certain notoriety as a gambler.

Peripheral adjective Synonym: Extra, Outside

formal) not as important as the main aim, part, etc. of something

· Peripheral information

· Matters of peripheral concern

Peripheral to something

· Fund-raising is peripheral to their main activities.

(specialist) connected with the outer edge of a particular area

· The peripheral nervous systemperipheral vision

(computing) (of equipment) connected to a computer

· A peripheral device

Phenomenon noun Synonym: Incident, Excellent

A fact or an event in nature or society, especially one that is not fully understood

Cultural/natural/social phenomena

· Globalization is a phenomenon of the 21st century.

· Early retirement is a relatively new phenomenon in Britain.

((North American English)phenomenons) a person or thing that is very successful or impressive

· Qaid e Azam was a phenomenon.

Placebo noun Synonym: Fake pill

A substance that has no physical effects, given to patients who do not need medicine but think that they do, or used when testing new drugs

· The placebo effect (= the effect of taking a placebo and feeling better)

· Half of the people taking part in the experiment were given a placebo.

· The placebo effect means that any treatment will improve patients merely because they want to recover.

Psychodrama noun Synonym: Psychiatry

A way of treating people who are mentally ill by encouraging them to act events from their past to help them understand their feelings

· Many a times a patient needs to be treated by a psychodrama.

A play or film/movie that makes the minds and feelings of the characters more important than the events

· ‘Portraite of an Artist as a Young Man’ is a good example of psychodrama.

Radical adjective Synonym: Far-reaching

Concerning the most basic and important parts of something; thorough and complete

· The need for radical changes in educationdemands for radical reform of the law

· Radical differences between the sexes

New, different and likely to have a great effect

· Radical ideasa radical solution to the problemradical proposals

· The radical wing of the partyradical politicians/students/writers

Rituals noun Synonym: Customs

A series of actions that are always performed in the same way, especially as part of a religious ceremony

· Religious ritualsShe objects to the ritual of organized religion.

Something that is done regularly and always in the same way

· Sunday lunch with the in-laws has become something of a ritual.

Solemnly adverb Synonym: Seriously

Without smiling or looking happy

· He nodded solemnly.

In a very serious and sincere way

· She solemnly promised not to say a word to anyone about it.

· The choir walked solemnly past.

Stimulated verb Synonym: Encourage, Quicken

Stimulate something to make something develop or become more active; to encourage something

· The exhibition has stimulated interest in her work.

· The article can be used to stimulate discussion among students.a government package designed to stimulate economic growth

To make somebody interested and excited about something

Stimulate somebody

· Parents should give children books that stimulate them.

· Both men and women are stimulated by erotic photos (= sexually).

Stimulate somebody to do something

· The conference stimulated him to study the subject in more depth.

Stimulate something (specialist) to make a part of the body function

· The women were given fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries.

Suggestopedia noun Synonym: Teaching Method

A method of teaching a foreign language in which students learn quickly by being made to feel relaxed, interested and positive

· Now a days most of the elitist schools are facilitating their students to give them a suggestopedic effect to quicken their learning process.

Typeface noun Synonym: Font

A set of letters, numbers, etc. of a particular design, used in printing

· I'd like the heading to be in a different typeface from the text.

· Italic typefaces

Unconscious adjective Synonym: Senseless, Oblivious

In a state like sleep because of an injury or illness, and not able to use your senses

· She was knocked unconscious.

· They found him lying unconscious on the floor.

(of feelings, thoughts, etc.) existing or happening without you realizing or being aware; not deliberate or controlled

· Unconscious desires

· The brochure is full of unconscious humour.

Unconscious of somebody/something not aware of somebody/something; not noticing something; not conscious

· She is unconscious of the effect she has on people.

· He was quite unconscious of the danger.

Variant adjective Synonym: Alternative

Slightly different in form or type from something else

Variant forms of spelling