307 - Admonish

Admonish : Verb

  1. ​​admonish somebody (for something/ for doing something) | + speech to tell somebody strongly and clearly that you do not approve of something that they have done (Oxford)
  2. admonish somebody (to do something) to strongly advise somebody to do something (Oxford)
  3. to tell someone that they have done something wrong (Cambridge)

نصیحت کرنا / سمجھانا

Sentence (s)

  1. She was admonished for chewing gum in class. (Oxford)
  2. A warning voice admonished him not to let this happen. (Oxford)
  3. His mother admonished him for eating too quickly. (Cambridge)

Phrases & Connected Words

  • admonished for chewing gum
  • admonished someone not to let some