IELTS Writing Task 2 : Sample 17

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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

write about the following topic:

There is an increasing trend of purchasing used things. Do you think it is a positive trend or negative? Discuss in detail.

Write at least 250 words


At present, a huge number of people are purchasing used items and assert that this trend brings loads of benefits. However, many others believe that purchasing new things proves more beneficial. Let us discuss the pros and cons of buying used things before having a final verdict on the argument under discussion.

Since the impact of information technology goes deep into our life style, the trend of purchasing online products is swelling as time rolls on. Further, the fashion of buying used products fascinates the masses. The trend is magnified by the indicators that the websites dealing in used products such as is reported as the most frequently visited site. Now, from trivial household things to precious items such as cars, homes, high tech machinery and other used items one can purchase from the internet. Buyers can purchase these items at cheap prices, which is not only financially a positive sign, but, in this way, ordinary people can enjoy the comforts and opportunities to excel in their business as well.

On the other hand, people often deceive others by selling outdated products. Many stories have been published till date, which tells how some artless buyers are betrayed by the cunning sellers. Second, in most of the cases, people sell defective products without bringing their faults into the knowledge of their buyers. Third, dilapidated products cannot substitute new things which are more reliable and long lasting. Those who purchased old cars often visit car workshops for their maintenance and, in contrast to this, new cars give comforts to their riders and also save maintenance costs.

In the end, we may assert that there is no harm in purchasing used products if a buyer can assess them. Otherwise, there is no conflict in opinions that purchasing used products, especially in third-world countries, is a risky business.

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