Letter - Sample 27

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Writing Task 1 – You should spend about 20 minutes on this task || (minimum words limit 150)

You have just spent a weekend at a friend’s house. When you returned home, you discovered you have left a coat containing some belongings in his house.

Write a letter to your friend telling him that you left the coat. Tell him what the coat looks like, where you think you left it and what was inside it. Make some suggestions about how to get it back.

Response 1:

Dear Matt,

I am writing to you with regards to a coat I left at your house this weekend that I'd like to have returned to me.

This weekend was crazy and I thank you for it. As a result of said craziness, it seems I'd gotten careless and left my coat behind. Containing my wallet- with my ID, money, driving license and a few other valuables- and house keys.

You know how I get about my clothes, so please do not let it get to the laundry basket and, at all costs, do not let it get washed, for it has items of great- fragile- value to me. It is a custom-made Armani coat, after all.

Do me a favour and keep it hung in your closet in the mean time. I trust we'll be meeting up again for Micheal's birthday tomorrow, so please do remember to bring my coat along with you when you come.

I look forward to seeing you and my coat.

Kind regards,

Written by Wardah Razzaq.