IELTS Book 8 Test 1 Section 2

8 T1 S2

Beacon Noun Synonym: Flare

A light that is placed somewhere to guide vehicles and warn them of danger

· A navigation beacon

· (figurative) He was a beacon of hope for the younger generation.

A radio station whose signal helps ships and aircraft to find their position

· The plane was guided in by radio beacon.

(in the past) a fire lit on top of a hill as a signal

Correspond Verb Synonym: Agree

[intransitive] to be the same as or match something

· Your account and hers do not correspond.

Correspond with something

· Your account of events does not correspond with hers.

Correspond to something

· The written record of the conversation doesn't correspond to (= is different from) what was actually said.

[intransitive] correspond (to something) to be similar to or the same as something else

· The British job of Lecturer corresponds roughly to the US Associate Professor.

[intransitive] correspond (with somebody) (formal) to write letters to somebody and receive letters from them

· Khalid’s job is to correspond with the Government officials.

Essential adjective Synonym: Vital

Completely necessary; extremely important in a particular situation or for a particular activity

· An essential part/ingredient/component of somethingessential services such as gas, water and electricity

· The museum is closed while essential repairs are being carried out.

· Even in small companies, computers are an essential tool.

· The charity will be taking food and essential supplies to six refugee camps.

· This book is essential reading for all nature lovers.

Essential to something

· Money is not essential to happiness.

Essential for something

· Experience is essential for this job.

It is essential to do something

· It is essential to keep the two groups separate.

It is essential that…

· It is essential that you have some experience.

Fortuitous adjective Synonym: Lucky

Happening by chance, especially a lucky chance that brings a good result

· A fortuitous meeting

· His success depended on a fortuitous combination of circumstances.

Regulate Verb Synonym: Organize

[transitive, intransitive] regulate (something) to control something by means of rules

· The activities of credit companies are regulated by law.

· The government accepts whaling in principle as long as it is carefully regulated.

· It is up to the regulating authority to put the measures into effect.

[transitive] regulate something to control the speed, pressure, temperature, etc. in a machine or system

· This valve regulates the flow of water.

Reliance Noun Synonym: Dependence

[uncountable, singular] reliance (on/upon somebody/something) the state of needing somebody/something in order to survive, be successful, etc.; the fact of being able to rely on somebody/something

· Heavy reliance on one client is risky when you are building up a business.

· Such learning methods encourage too great a reliance upon the teacher.

· The study programme concentrates more on group work and places less reliance on (= depends less on)lectures.

· I wouldn't place too much reliance on (= trust) these figures.

· An increasing reliance on overseas aid

Rigorous Adjective Synonym: Thorough, Strict

Done carefully and with a lot of attention to detail

· A rigorous analysis

· Few people have gone into the topic in such rigorous detail.

· The second team adopted a much more rigorous approach to the problem.

Demanding that particular rules, processes, etc. are strictly followed

· The work failed to meet their rigorous standards.

· They may benefit from the rigorous application of competition policy.

Rudimentary adjective Synonym: Basic

(formal) dealing with only the most basic matters or ideas

· They were given only rudimentary training in the job.

· His understanding of the language is very rudimentary.

(formal or specialist) not highly or fully developed

· Some dinosaurs had only rudimentary teeth.

· The most rudimentary forms of lifea very rudimentary writing system