Book 10 Test 1 Section 1 Reading Vocabulary

Archaeological (adjective)

Connected with the study of cultures of the past and of periods of history by examining the remains of buildings and objects found in the ground

· There were fourteen persons, busy in their archaeological activities

Bygone (Adjective)

Happening or existing a long time

· The family story was that, in bygone days, he had been a rich farmer in Australia.

· The horse and cart belongs to a bygone era.

Colonnade noun

A row of stone columns with equal spaces between them, usually supporting a roof

· the oldest Greek temple whose colonnade still stands

Crater noun

A large hole in the top of a volcano

A large hole in the ground caused by the explosion of a bomb or by something large hitting it

· A meteorite crater

Descend (Verb)

To come or go down from a higher to a lower level

· The plane began to descend.

· The results, ranked in descending order (= from the highest to the lowest) are as follows…descend something

· She descended the stairs slowly.opposite ascend

To slope downwards

· At this point the path descends steeply.opposite ascend

Draught noun

A flow of cool air in a room or other confined space

There's a draught in here.

A cold draught of air blew in from the open window.

One continuous action of swallowing liquid; the amount swallowed

He took a deep draught of his beer.

Medicine in a liquid form

a sleeping draught

Embellish (verb) Synonym: Decorate

Embellish something to make something more beautiful by adding decorations to

· The huge carved door was embellished with brass door knockers.

Embellish something to make a story more interesting by adding details that are not always truesynonym embroiderHis account of his travels was embellished with details of famous people he met.

Far-flung adjective

A long distance away

Expeditions to the far-flung corners of the world

Spread over a wide area

A newsletter that helps to keep all our far-flung graduates in touch

Flock noun Synonym: Herd

Flock (of something) a group of sheep, goats or birds of the same type

Flock (of somebody) a large group of people, especially of the same type

A flock of children/reporters

They came in flocks to see the procession.

Fundamental adjective Synonym: Basic

Serious and very important; affecting the most central and important parts of something

· There is a fundamental difference between the two points of view.

Heyday noun

The time when somebody/something had most power or success, or was most popular

· In its heyday, the company ran trains every fifteen minutes.

· a fine example from the heyday of Italian cinemaa picture of Brigitte Bardot in her heyday

Ingenuity (noun) Synonym: Inventiveness

The ability to invent things or solve problems in clever new ways

· The problem tested the ingenuity of even the most imaginative students.

Intricate (adjective)

Having a lot of different parts and small details that fit together

· Intricate patternsan intricate network of loyalties and relationships

Millennium noun

A period of 1000 years, especially as calculated before or after the birth of Christ

· the second millennium ADFor millennia, it was accepted that the earth was at the centre of the universe.

Monument noun

Monument (to somebody/something) a building, column, statue, etc. built to remind people of a famous person or event

· A monument to him was erected in St Paul's Cathedral.

Ornate adjective

Covered with a lot of decoration, especially when this involves very small or complicated designs

· a mirror in an ornate gold frameThis style is a little too ornate for my taste.

Overlook (verb) Synonym: Turn a Blind Eye: Miss

Overlook something to fail to see or notice something

synonym miss

· He seems to have overlooked one important fact.In my hurry to finish the exam I had overlooked part of one of the questions.

Overlook something to see something wrong or bad but decide to ignore its

ynonym turn a blind eyeWe could not afford to overlook such a serious offence.He’s so friendly people are prepared to overlook his faults.

Overlook something if a building, etc. overlooks a place, you can see that place from the building

a restaurant overlooking the lakeOur back yard is overlooked by several houses.

Overlook somebody (for something) to not consider somebody for a job or position, even though they might be suitablesynonym pass overShe's been overlooked for promotion several times.

Pave verb

Pave something (with something) to cover a surface with flat stones or bricks

· A paved area near the back door

Pristine (adjective ) Synonym: Immaculate

Fresh and clean, as if new

· The car is in pristine condition.

· a pristine white tablecloth

Not developed or changed in any way; left in its original condition

· Pristine, pollution-free beaches

Recede (verb)

To move gradually away from somebody or away from a previous position

· The sound of the truck receded into the distance.

· She watched his receding figure.

(Especially of a problem, feeling or quality) to become gradually weaker or smaller

· The prospect of bankruptcy has now receded.

· The pain was receding slightly.

To stop growing at the front of the head

· a middle-aged man with receding hair/a receding hairline

· A recede chin a chin that slopes backwards towards the neck

Relentless (adjective) Synonym: Unrelenting

Not stopping or getting less strong

· Her relentless pursuit of perfection

· The sun was relentless.

Refusing to give up or be less strict or severea

· Relentless enemy

Spectacular (adjective) Synonym: Breathtaking

Very impressive - Spectacular scenery

· Messi scored a spectacular goal.

· It was a spectacular achievement on their part.


Old Constructed Well

· Stepwells are the main attraction of India for loads of tourists

· Stepwells are only found in India

Strike verb

Strike somebody/something (formal) to hit somebody/something hard or with force

· The ship struck a rock.

· The child ran into the road and was struck by a car.

Undergone ( verb)

Undergo something to experience something, especially a change or something unpleasant

To undergo tests/trials/repairs

· My mother underwent major surgery last year.

· Some children undergo a complete transformation when they become teenagers.

· The drug is currently undergoing trials in America.

Utilitarian (adjective)

Designed to be useful and practical rather than attractive

· Her clothes were utilitarian, unlike the elaborate dresses the other girls were wearing.

· The old hospital was demolished in 1911 and replaced with a much more utilitarian building.

Reference: Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary