31 # Cue Card (Neighborhood)

Describe your neighborhood

You should say:

  • What are the places in your neighborhood
  • How can you improve your neighborhood
  • How do placed near your house affect you

Response 1 (Script)

In a majority of opinions, quiet neighbourhoods are the ideal sort of neighbourhoods to live and thrive in. Well, I agree.

In the neighbourhood I've grown up in, we had every nature of kind and odd neighbours. They tend not to interfere with whatever the kids in the area do, though; opting to mind their own business.

My neighbourhood comprises of a large, recently-built hospital that's as useless as it is big. It is terribly understaffed and cannot perform a number of necessary procedures due to either lack of equipment or personnel. Other than that, there's a boutique quite close to my own home as well as a grocery store that all the denizens of the area take full advantage of on leisurely days and otherwise. My house is not a long drive from the main market in town, we're even able to make it a rather pleasant jog to town if need be. Despite the fact that my high school and my house were situated on opposite ends of the town, I'd still manage to walk to or from school with little problems; which only attests to how small the town actually is.

If there were anything I'd want to change about my neighbourhood, I would most certainly change the fact that there are no properly developed roads in my area; just gravel ones. The amount of damage that the bumpy roads cause to the cars is an extremely troublesome issue. Not only that but on rainy days it gets infinitely worse, the supposed road itself becomes a muddy river that can hardly be driven across. I'd also change the antisocial nature that the residents of the area seem to have in common- admittedly, myself included. Because if the quiet neighbourhood, I do not get much of an opportunity to stray from my daily routines. Also, because of the fact that it's mostly unpopulated, it is deemed a risk, by my parents, to wander the desolate streets on my own. Seclusion, even to a person like me, can be quite a bother sometimes.

Overall, I live in a safe neighbourhood, despite my parents' superstitions, and I am fond of everything about it, from the odd neighbours to the big, dormant hospital. All these things add to the pleasant puzzle, after all.

Thank you.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.