Book 6 Test 3 Section 1

Dominant (adjective) Synonym: Superior

More important, powerful or noticeable than other things

  • The firm has achieved a dominant position in the world market.
  • The dominant feature of the room was the large fireplace.

Embrace (noun) Synonym: Hug, Acceptance

An act of putting your arms around somebody as a sign of love or friendship

  • He held her in a warm embrace.
  • There were tears and embraces as they said goodbye.

The act of accepting an idea, a proposal, a set of beliefs, etc, especially when it is done with enthusiasm

  • The country’s eager embrace of modern technology

Frightened ( adjective) Synonym: Afraid

Afraid; feeling fear

  • a frightened child
  • Don't be frightened.
  • I'd be frightened to death.

Grasp (verb) Synonym: Grip

Grasp somebody/something; to take a firm hold of somebody/something

  • He grasped my hand and shook it warmly.
  • Kay grasped him by the wrist.Synonyms

To understand something completely grasp something

  • They failed to grasp the importance of his words.

Inevitably (adverb) Synonym: Necessarily

As is certain to happen

  • Inevitably, the press exaggerated the story.

Legacy (noun) Synonym: Inheritance, Heritage

Money or property that is given to you by somebody when they die

  • They each received a legacy of $5 000.

A situation that exists now because of events, actions, etc. that took place in the past

  • Future generations will be left with a legacy of pollution and destruction.
  • The problems were made worse by the legacy of centuries of neglect.

Realism (noun) Synonym: Actuality

A way of seeing, accepting and dealing with situations as they really are without being influenced by your emotions or false hopes

  • There was a new mood of realism among the leaders at the peace talks.

(Of novels, paintings, films/movies, etc.) the quality of being very like real life

  • The gritty realism of the new drama serial