3 # Cue Card (Website)

Describe a website you often browse

You should say:

  • what is it?
  • how long have you been using it
  • give detailed information about the website

and explain why you often browse this website.


Google is the website which is most important to me so I have been using it to last four years. Most of the people they know that the reason of Google or the basic purpose of Google is to use it as a search engine but there are so many application which are embedded and provided by the organization free of cost. and for example when we talk about google sites you can make it free of cost and when you will make your website then you can embed different application which are also free of cost and in a very comfortable even a single user who is not very literate in Information Technology he can also handle and operate that website so another thing I am telling you that Google site is one feature and second feature is you can say google drive if your purchase it licence then they will allow you to store data till one Terra Byte so this the main problem of the people that they could lost their data for example once your system is crashed. Operating system is crashed you can not recover your data. For smart approach if you will save all this type of data into this drive and you can access online from anywhere and you can save it for long time. So this how you can use this function of this website and another thing three years back I was running one website and it was hosted on different web server after few days and some time after couple of month some hackers they tried to approach and some viruses were there but in this case this is completely secure this website.

Websites related vocabulary:

Frequently visited website, Bloggers, you are free to reprint the ideas and pictures, Easy to read, Eye-Catching colour scheme, communicate effectively, speak itself, Visually appealing, polished and professional look, Simplicity, Meaningful graphics, Informative and relevant, Error free copy, No compatibility issue, Minimal scroll, consistent layout, Search Engine and mobile users optimized, Resolution, Dimensions, Solid Domain, Good navigation.

Response 2 (Script)

One of my most-frequented websites on the internet is Youtube. As you may know, Youtube is a platform that is video-based. Though some may simply think of it as a wasteful medium of entertainment and little else, it can be quite a helpful tool for all sorts of things.

I have been using YouTube for about five years now and have been far from disappointed with the services offered to date. Youtube offers a very wide range of services through just their videos, including cooking recipes, makeup tutorials, dance tutorials, scientific theories, educational videos explaining a number of subjects, an infinitely wide array or music videos, humorous videos and so much more. I mostly use the site for educational videos and music videos. Almost all types of music and different songs can be found there and for free. YouTube's data system sometimes even prevails where Google cannot, for instance, when Google displays a number of misleading sites for a simple search, offering everything but your actual answer. The educational videos on Youtube are immensely versatile, informative and understandable; like having an actual teacher expertly explain a topic to you, which is much preferred as opposed to reading through lengthy essays without actually finding the answers you're looking for. Not only does YouTube act as a brilliant search engine, it is also a way for anyone to make money by creating videos and uploading them on the site, thereafter receiving a revenue according to the number of views the video has accumulated. So anyone who frequents videos on YouTube is additionally helping hard-working individuals make money.

So YouTube is far from a mindless entertainment platform but can be an extremely useful source for a number of things, depending on how you make use of it.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.