407 - Renounce

Renounce : Verb

  1. ​to say formally or publicly that you no longer own, support, believe in, or have a connection with something (Cambridge)

  2. to state officially that you are no longer going to keep a title, position, etc.​ (Oxford)

ترک کرنا, لاتعلق ہونا

Sentence (s)

  1. Will Charles renounce the throne in favor of his son? (Oxford)

  2. The Prince has refused to renounce his right to the throne.(Oxford).

  3. Her ex-husband renounced his claim to the family house.(Cambridge)

Phrases & Connected Words

  • ​Renounce something

  • Renounce a claim/title/privilege/right

  • Renounce ideals/principles/beliefs, etc.