8 # Cue Card (Journey)

Describe a journey you went on

You Should say:

  • where you went
  • why you went to this particular place
  • what you did and with whom

and describe why you enjoyed your journey? Or, if not, why?


Junket, Promenade, Ramble, Roaming, Safari, Stroll, Adventure, Campaign, Expedition, Jaunt, Quest, Migration, Outing, Caravan, airing, transit, traverse.


Travelling, in my opinion, is far more than an enjoyable passing of time. It manages to put things into perspective more effectively than a number of other reputable therapeutic activities can. Amongst the many wonderful journeys that I have embarked on, the trips my family and I took to the mountains and dams of Maseru for our holiday are amongst my fondest memories of travelling. For a person who gets nervous in dangerous car-rides, driving on those twisting and narrow roads high in the mountains was absolutely nerve-wracking. The view, however, was marvellous once I got past the sheer terror of the threatening drop. The magnanimous size of the mountains, valleys and springs was awe-inspiring. Luckily enough, my siblings and I even played in one of the streams, and I was fascinated with everything from the clean water to the beautiful sand and rocks. Additionally, observing how the residents of those places adapted to the terrain and constructed houses on such places on the mountain that I would not even risk crawling on is one of the things that brought a little perspective to my mind; the efforts of these people managing to not only survive but to thrive in such living conditions. Every once in a while, it's healthy to be reminded of how small you are in an ever-changing and growing world if you just pay attention.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.