Book 6 Test 4 Section 3

Behaviour (noun) Synonym: Attitude

[Uncountable] the way that somebody behaves, especially towards other people

Good/bad behavioursocial/sexual/criminal behavior

· His behaviour towards her was becoming more and more aggressive.

[uncountable, countable] the way a person, an animal, a plant, a chemical, etc. behaves or functions in a particular situation

· The behaviour of dolphins/chromosomes

· Studying human and animal behaviour(specialist)

Bullying (noun) Synonym: Imperious

The use of strength or power to frighten or hurt weaker people

· Bullying is a problem in many schools.

· He refused to give in to bullying and threats.

· Bullying behaviour/tactics

Disseminated (verb) Synonym: Spread

Disseminate something (formal) to spread information, knowledge, etc. so that it reaches many people

· Their findings have been widely disseminated.

Distinguish (verb) Synonym: Differentiate

[intransitive, transitive] to recognize the difference between two people or things

Distinguish between A and B

· At what age are children able to distinguish between right and wrong?

· English law clearly distinguishes between murder and manslaughter.

Distinguish A from B

· It was hard to distinguish one twin from the other.

Distinguish A and B

· Sometimes reality and fantasy are hard to distinguish.

· We can distinguish five meanings of the word ‘mad’.

[transitive] (not used in the progressive tenses) distinguish A (from B) to be a characteristic that makes two people, animals or things different

· What was it that distinguished her from her classmates?

· The male bird is distinguished from the female by its red beak.

· The power of speech distinguishes human beings from animals.

[transitive] (not used in the progressive tenses) distinguish something to be able to see or hear something

· I could not distinguish her words, but she sounded agitated.

· She could not distinguish the make and colour of the car in the fading light.

[transitive] distinguish yourself (as something) to do something so well that people notice and admire you

· She has already distinguished herself as an athlete.

Frustration (noun) Synonym: Disappointment

[Uncountable] the feeling of being frustrated

· Dave thumped the table in frustration.

· She couldn't stand the frustration of not being able to help.

[Countable, usually plural] something that causes you to feel frustrated

· Every job has its difficulties and frustrations.

· She took out her frustrations on the children.

[Uncountable] frustration of something (formal) the fact that something is preventing something/somebody from succeeding

· The frustration of all his ambitions

Implemented (verb) Synonym: Enforce

Carry something out

· to implement changes/decisions/policies/reforms

· A new work program for young people will be implemented.

Interventions (noun) Synonym: Interference

Action taken to improve or help a situation

· Calls for government intervention to save the steel industry

Intervention in something

· In the second group of states, direct intervention in the economy was limited.

Action by a country to involved in the affairs of another country when they have not been asked to do so

· Armed/military intervention

Intervention in something

· NATO intervention in the troubled region

Action taken to improve a medical condition or illness

· A medical/surgical intervention

· Most patients make a recovery without further intervention.

Intervention (in something) the act of interrupting somebody when they are speaking in order to say something

· People resented his repeated interventions in the debate.

An occasion when a group of people confront a friend or family member who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, in order to help them recover

· Her daughters staged an intervention.

· Family intervention is an essential component of treatment for adolescent drug abuse.

Lunchtime (noun) Synonym: Midday

The time around the middle of the day when people usually eat lunch

· The package still hadn't arrived by lunchtime.

· A lunchtime concert

· The sandwich bar is generally packed at lunchtimes.

Persistent (adjective) Synonym: Unrelenting

Determined to do something despite difficulties, especially when other people are against you and think that you are being annoying or unreasonable

· How do you deal with persistent salesmen who won't take no for an answer?

A persistent offender (= a person who continues to commit crimes after they have been caught and punished)

· She can be very persistent when she wants something.

Continuing for a long period of time without interruption, or repeated frequently, especially in a way that is annoying and cannot be stopped

· Persistent rain

· A persistent cough

· I can’t take much more of this persistent criticism.

· Famine is a persistent problem in many parts of the world.

Persistently (adverb) Synonym: Unrelentingly

In a way that shows that you are determined to do something despite difficulties, especially when other people are against you and think that you are being annoying or unreasonable

· They have persistently denied claims of illegal dealing.

· A prison for juveniles who persistently re-offend

In a way that continues for a long period of time without interruption, or that is repeated frequently, especially in a way that is annoying and cannot be stopped

· Persistently high interest rates

Revising (verb) Synonym: Modifying

[transitive] revise something to change your opinions or plans, for example because of something you have learned

· I can see I will have to revise my opinions of his abilities now.

· The government may need to revise its policy in the light of this report.

[transitive] revise something to change something, such as a book or an estimate, in order to correct or improve it

· A revised edition of a textbook

· I'll prepare a revised estimate for you.

· We may have to revise this figure upwards.

[intransitive, transitive] (British English) to prepare for an exam by looking again at work that you have done

· I spent the weekend revising for my exam.

· I can't come out tonight.

Substitute (noun) Synonym: Alternative

A person or thing that you use or have instead of the one you normally use or have

· A meat substitutea substitute family

Substitute for somebody/something

· The course teaches you the theory but there's no substitute for practical experience.

· The local bus service was a poor substitute for their car.

(informal sub) a player who replaces another player in a sports game

· He was brought on as (a) substitute after half-time.

Victimised(verb) Synonym: Exploited

[Often passive] victimize somebody to make somebody suffer unfairly because you do not like them, their opinions, or something that they have done

· For years the family had been victimized by racist neighbours.

· The union claimed that some of its members had been victimized for taking part in the strike.

· The church victimized teachers who showed dissent by questioning their ideas.

Worthwhile (adjective) Synonym: Helpful

Important, enjoyable, interesting, etc.; worth spending time, money or effort on

· It was in aid of a worthwhile cause (= a charity, etc.)

· We all felt we had done something worthwhile for the local community.

Worthwhile for somebody to do something

High prices in the UK make it worthwhile for buyers to look abroad.

Worthwhile to do something

· It is worthwhile to include really high-quality illustrations.

Worthwhile doing something

· It didn't seem worthwhile writing it all out again.