IELTS Writing Task 2 : Sample 32

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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about following topic:

It is generally believed that the Internet is an excellent means of communication but some people suggest that it may not be the best place to find information

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Write at least 250 words

Response 1

The world wide web may be fast and, well, widely spread, but is it as transient as we've grown to believe? Before expressing my stance on the matter, let us discuss the topic.

The internet has become our go-to place for everything, these days. Need to cook? The internet can help you. Need to make a rocket ship for a school project? The internet can help there, as well. It is not only a bank of information but also as an impossibly fast means of communication. Almost all communication between humans has depended on the internet or, more specifically, on social media, for the past decade.

However, the internet, like most things in life, seems too good to be true. Rather than a well-organized bank of information, it's become more of a disorganized library with so many sources and answers to simple questions that nobody really knows which is true or false. The flooding of unreliable source material has become quite a problem with the internet. So many sites turn out to be shams or fraudulent. Users are often afraid of losing either their money or privacy through this medium. Dependability is lost on the internet in quite a few cases when it comes to trustworthy content.

In conclusion, one would have better luck finding trustworthy and true information at a good old library than on google. Misinformation has turned the gift of a medium into something not to be completed.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.