IELTS Writing Failure

Reasons For Frequent Failure in IELTS Writing Test

IELTS test takers often mistake a vast vocabulary as an automatic means to score high marks in their test, which is a very flawed perspective to have. Focusing on using large words, intending to impress examiners, often leaves one’s grammar bereft as so much attention and focus is giving to verbosity and grammar and punctuation, among other things, are so often overlooked. A test taker is not expected to provide the markers with a dictionary but, instead, is expected to deliver a writing piece that easily portrays the test takers understanding of the language through a comprehensible article.

It is imperative to keep in mind that every aspect of a writing piece is scrutinized based on a vast rubric that consists of the appropriate use of punctuation, good grammar, a clear understanding of the writing topic, appropriate language as well as an interesting formation of the writer’s opinion, among other things.

Faulty paragraph construction is also a large contributor to a bad performance in one’s IELTS writing exam. Test takers must always take out a small portion of time to clearly understand the topic they are required to write about and plan the construction of their article; determining the placement of each topic-based idea and ensure that the content flows in a comprehensible manner. Time management plays an important role in ensuring success in IELTS Writing Tests; setting aside the necessary time for scrutinizing the topic at hand, for planning your article, formulating an introduction, body and conclusion and proofreading through your final piece.

There are various articles and videos relating to IELTS Writing Tasks available. The link “Writing Task 2” contains various examples of writing pieces that fulfil every aspect of writing, including comprehension of the content. In order to better understand what is required of test takers when it comes to IELTS Writing Exams, prospective test takers looking to train must make use of IELTS videos regarding Writing exams and also consult examples constructed by experts in Writing Task 2.

Writing should be an enjoyable module as it gives test takers the opportunity to formulate creative answers and express their thoughts. Although vocabulary is considered in the rubric, verbosity is not appreciated if there appears to be a lack of understanding and comprehensive content. In order to ensure success in this module, test takers must put some effort into practicing to write extra articles and also study examples written by experts.

With hard work and dedication, success is guaranteed.

By Wardah R.