296 - Vindictive

Vindictive : Adj

  1. ​showing a strong and unreasonable desire to harm or upset somebody because you think that they have harmed you (Oxford)
  2. having or showing a wish to harm someone because you think that they harmed you; unwilling to forgive (Cambridge)

کینہ پرور / انتقامی / بدلہ لینے والا

Sentence (s)

  1. He accused her of being vindictive. (Oxford)
  2. She liked to believe that she wasn’t vindictive by nature. (Oxford)
  3. In the movie "Cape Fear", a lawyer's family is threatened by a vindictive former prisoner. (Cambridge)

Phrases & Connected Words

  • accused her of being vindictive
  • vindictive by nature
  • a vin