IELTS Book 6 Test 1 Section 1

Australia's Sporting Success

Demolish (verb) Synonym: Annihilate, Dilapidate

To pull or knock down a building Source:, 2017

  • The factory is due to be demolished next year

To show that an idea or theory is completely wrong

  • A recent book has demolished this theory.

To defeat somebody easily and completely ·

  • They demolished New Zealand 44–6 in the final.

Embed (verb) Synonym: Enclose, Fix

To fix something firmly into a substance or solid object

  • The bullet embedded itself in the wall.

To send a journalist, photographer, etc. to an area where there is fighting, so that he or she can travel with the army and report what is happening

  • Embedded reporters in the war zone

Immune (adjective) Synonym: Invulnerable, Resistant

Immune (to something) that cannot catch or be affected by a particular disease or illness

  • Adults are often immune to German measles. Source:, 2017

Immune (to something) not affected by something.

  • You'll eventually become immune to criticism.

Immune (from something) protected from something and therefore able to avoid it

  • Not even the President’s wife was immune from criticism by the press.

Replicate (verb) Synonym: Copy

Replicate something (formal) to copy something exactly

  • Subsequent experiments failed to replicate these findings.
  • The drug prevents the virus from replicating itself.

Saliva (noun) Synonym: Drool

The liquid that is produced in your mouth that helps you to swallow food

  • Salive plays an important role in food digestion.

Swivel (noun) Synonym: Revolve

Often used as an adjective) A device used to connect two parts of an object

together, allowing one part to turn around without moving the other

  • A swivel chair (one on which the seat turns around without moving the base)

Unobtrusive (adjective) Synonym: Unassuming

Not attracting unnecessary attention

  • The service at the hotel is efficient and unobtrusive.

Wring (verb) Synonym: Twist

Wring something (out) to twist and squeeze clothes, etc. in order to get the water out of them, 2017

  • She was wringing her clothes to dry them

Reference: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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