49 # Cue Card (Study Room)

Describe your study room

You should say:

  • How it looks like
  • How much time you spend in this room
  • How an ideal study room should be

and give details of your study room.


In my house, my bedroom serves as my multi-purpose base of operations. I sleep here, study here, work here, relax here and, much to my parents' disdain, I sometimes eat here as well. My room consists of a bed, a few cupboards and a desk that I study on and which also carries my computer. One of the walls of my supposed study room is black while the rest are white, as a result of a designing whim I acted upon. I spend almost the majority of my day in this room when I am not busy with chores or with errands. Family matters pull me from my sanctuary very often as well. If it were up to me, I would spend more time outside, alone, were it not for work and other engagements. In my opinion, my make-shift study room is unconventional in terms of its true purposes- it contains far too many distractions. An ideal study room should be free from distractions and should be used for the sole purpose of studying with useful resources close at hand. A study room should be made suitable for the users' requirements and study methods. Some people may prefer the amplified feeling of solitude while may prefer the opposite.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.