IELTS Book 8 Test 3 Section 3

8 T3 S3

Inexorable adjective Synonym: Relentless

(of a process) that cannot be stopped or changed

· The inexorable rise of crimeThis is where the inexorable logic of the theory breaks down.

Inevitable Adjective Synonym: Necessary

That you cannot avoid or prevent

· It was an inevitable consequence of the decision.

· It was inevitable that there would be job losses.

· A rise in the interest rates seems inevitable.

[only before noun] (often humorous) so frequent that you always expect it

· The English and their inevitable cups of tea

The inevitable noun [singular] something that is certain to happen

· You have to accept the inevitable.

· The inevitable happened—I forgot my passport.

Organism (Noun) Synonym: Creature

(biology or formal) a living thing, especially one that is extremely small

· Even the simplest, single-celled organisms show examples of this behaviour.

· The cell is the unit of which all living organisms are composed.

Frugally (adverb) Synonym: Economically

In a way that uses only as much money or food as is necessary

· To live/eat frugally

Comrade (Noun) Synonym: Companion

A person who is a member of the same communist or socialist political party as the person speaking

· We must fight for our rights, comrades!

(also comrade-in-arms) (old-fashioned) a friend or other person that you work with, especially as soldiers during a war

· They were old army comrades.

Optimal Adjective Synonym: Optimum

The best of most favourable point, degree, amount etc.

· The optimal economic position for households is represented by point B on the chart.

· The optimal temperature for the development of larvae is in the range 18–26˚C.