55 # Cue Card (A hotel)

Describe a hotel you stayed in

You should say:

  • Where the hotel is
  • Why you stayed at that particular hotel
  • Give detailed description of the hotel and the view from it

and explain what makes the hotel special.


My family and I used to travel far more than we do now, hotels were only necessary on rare occasions because we would mostly stay with one or the other family friend's house. It was, after all, an arrangement of convenience. The most recent hotel visit that I can recall was earlier this year when my parents requested that I accompany my nine-year-old sister to a different city for a spelling bee competition that she was to take part in. My parents did not want her to travel to another city alone, especially considering the fact that she was travelling via public transport. We had made no prior reservations for me to come along, but we spoke with the representative librarian and she said she would be able to spare my sister and a room at the hotel. Upon arriving, we were shown to our rooms, which turned out to be a lavish, comfortable room with double beds. The furniture was of muted tones, which are my favourite, and was in very good condition. A functional television set and an air conditioner were available, much to my pleasant surprise. My sister and I freshened up a bit and helped ourselves to some food before getting into bed. The next morning, we were provided with a healthy breakfast after having freshened up in a fully furnished bathroom. Her spelling bee contest was held in the same hotel, in a conference room. It was a wonderful victory for my sister as she won first place in one of the competitions, made even sweeter by the fact that we were well rested and comfortable as opposed to being stressed and travel-weary.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.