Book 6 Test 3 Section 2

Motivating Employee under Adverse Conditions

Abundance (noun) Synonym: Plenty

Abundance (of something) (formal) a large quantity that is more than enough

  • She purchased abundance of fruits for her children

Accomplishment (noun) Synonym: Achievement

An impressive thing that is done or achieved after a lot of work

  • It was one of the President's greatest accomplishments.
  • The series of paintings is quite an accomplishment.

A skill or special ability

  • Drawing and singing were among her many accomplishments.

Attainment (noun) Synonym: Fulfillment

Something that you achieved

  • A young woman of impressive educational attainments

Success in achieving something

  • The attainment of his ambitions was still a dream.attainment targets (= for example in education)
  • Bonus payments encourage the attainment of higher production targets.
  • Schools with high levels of academic attainment

Autonomous (adjective) Synonym: Independent

(of a country, a region or an organization) able to govern itself or control its own affairs

  • an autonomous republic/state/province a federation of autonomous groups

(of a person) able to do things and make decisions without help from anyone else

  • Teachers aim to help children become autonomous learners.

Bureaucratic (adjective) Synonym: Supervisory

Connected with a bureaucracy or bureaucrats and involving complicated official rules which may seem unnecessary

  • bureaucratic power/control/procedures/organizations
  • The report revealed a great deal of bureaucratic inefficiency.
  • centralized bureaucratic administration

Eliminating (verb) Synonym: Removing, Wipe out

To remove or get rid of something/somebody eliminate something/somebody

  • Credit cards eliminate the need to carry a lot of cash.

Eliminate something/somebody from something

  • The police have eliminated two suspects from their investigation.
  • This diet claims to eliminate toxins from the body.

Eliminate somebody (formal) to kill somebody, especially an enemy or opponent

  • Most of the regime's left-wing opponents were eliminated.

Managerial (adjective) Synonym: Directorial

Connected with the work of a manager

  • Does she have any managerial experience?

Manipulative (adjective) Synonym: Scheming

Skillful at influencing somebody or forcing somebody to do what you want, often in an unfair way

  • He’s extremely manipulative, so don’t let him persuade you.

Connected with the ability to handle objects skillfully

  • manipulative skills such as typing and knitting

Optimism (noun) Synonym: Elation

[Uncountable] optimism (about/for something) a feeling that good things will happen and that something will be successful; the tendency to have this feeling

  • There are very real grounds for optimism.
  • Both sides have expressed optimism about the chances of an early agreement.

Redundant (adjective) Synonym: Unnecessary

(British English) (of a person) without a job because there is no more work available for you in a company

  • to be made redundant from your job

Not needed or useful

  • The picture has too much redundant detail.

Reinforcement (noun) Synonym: Support

[plural] extra soldiers or police officers who are sent to a place because more are needed

  • to send in reinforcements

[uncountable, singular] the act of making something stronger, especially a feeling or an idea

  • the reinforcement of existing prejudices by the media

Resistance (noun) Synonym: Opposition

[uncountable, singular] dislike of or opp