IELTS Writing Task 2 : Sample 18

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write about the following topic:

People play sports at a young age but drop it in adult age. Why is this the case? What is the solution to this problem?

Write at least 250 words

By Muhammad Ayaz Aslam

Response 1

All kinds of sports and physical activities provide people with the right amount of physical as well as mental development. The trend of participating in sports is common among youngsters, However, as time goes on, the contribution of people in sports shrinks. Though there are abundant reasons for this abstinence, yet by taking some concrete measures, the people’s interest, even in later stages of their lives, can be developed.

There are many reasons that a huge majority of adults pull themselves out from actively participating in sports. First, in order to win bread and butter for the household one needs to work twenty-four seven, and especially in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, life is not as easy as is perceived in some western countries. People are left with hardly any time to spend in leisure activities. Second, the middle class of our country overshadows other classes and loads of earning hands are doing jobs. To get a good job, students spend their excessive time in academic activities. Consequently, people from this age group also remain unblessed from the advantages of sports. Last but not least, in overpopulated towns, few clubs and grounds cannot meet the requirements of hundreds of people. Despite all these issues, such issues can be resolved.

By the advent of this machine age, people are becoming lethargic. In actuality, the frequency of diseases such as cardiac, diabetes, hypertension is reported significantly high in numbers. Participation in sports is one of the best ways to overcome such fatal disease. In this way, if the government and media play their positive roles, then a healthy environment can be created by persuading people of all ages to participate in physical games. Where there is a shortage of clubs and sports stadiums, indoor games such as table tennis and badminton can fill this vacuum. People must realize that to maintain a balance in their life and for the sake of their life, they must alter their lifestyle.

In conclusion, history is the evidence that we human beings remain consistent in changing our ways of living. We learn from our mistakes and extend positive things. Sports is also a healthy activity which can be glorified if some concrete steps are taken.

Response 2:

By Muhammad Ayaz Aslam

It is a common observation that children participate in sports with full zeal and zest, but as time goes on, their passion for sports enervates. There are copious reasons for this volatile attitude of people. The trend of active participation of people in sports is always considered positive. Let us discuss all folds of this human behaviour in detail.

By nature, we human beings like change and perhaps, for this reason, our preferences also revolutionize with the passage of time. In adolescence, people think differently and, at this time of age, they start thinking about their future. Consequently, they shift their energies from playing games to either on academic side or on increasing their financial resources. In our context, youngsters excessively focus on their professional studies after matriculation and hardly manage time for sports. Cricket is a sport that has a spellbinding effect on the youth of Pakistan but, despite their keen interest, a huge majority abandon playing this sport after teen age.

Down this century, we are overwhelmed by the usage of machines and this over usage causes several health issues. At this time, participating in sports is the best activity for the fitness of the general masses. Through some awareness programs, the government could evoke the importance of sports because those who regularly participate in some physical sports remain fit and active. Further, the construction of parks and play grounds is another way of encouraging this trend. Some annual festivals always attract the attention of spectators. In this way, the involvement of adults in sports can soar.

In the end, we may assert that adult involvement in different sports is very important for the people and their participation can be easily increased if some measures are taken on the individual and public sector levels.

Response 3 by Muhammad Ayaz Aslam

To commensurate one’s ability and to receive approbation from society, it is common among the youth to actively participate in sports. The passion for participating in different games dies out when most of us enter into adolescence. There are many factors which pull out people from consistently playing games of their choice.

The primary objective of every earning hand is to manage bread and butter for their household. In this materialistic era, especially in the under developed countries like Pakistan, people are struggling hard to earn financial resources. For this reason, the idea of playing a sport goes into the backdrop. Further, by nature we human are lethargic and like to live an easy and comfortable life, physical sports are often demanding of extensive workouts, which is not possible for the people of the subject age. However, these kinds of issues can be resolved by managing time and creating awareness in general masses.

If there is a will there is a way. We make our life difficult by manipulating natural lifestyle. To prevent ourselves from fatal diseases, one is left no option but to do some exertion, and participating in some physicals sports is the best way to remain healthy and active. If people are given awareness and by creating opportunities for sports by the authorities, then we can turn the table into our favour. Another way of igniting this trend is to change our overall lifestyle. We must learn from the developed countries, they have increased average age only by altering their ways of living. A balance in eating, working and participating in leisure activities is highly valuable and one of the best ways of consuming free time is to participate in sports.

In conclusion, we may assert that participating in sports is the best activity to keep ourselves healthy and vibrant, and it is equally important for all ages.

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