IELTS Book 8 Test 4 Section 1

8 T4 S1

Attainment Noun Synonym: Achievement

[countable, usually plural] (British English) something that you achieved

· A young woman of impressive educational attainments

[uncountable] success in achieving something

· The attainment of his ambitions was still a dream.

· Attainment targets (= for example in education)

· Bonus payments encourage the attainment of higher production targets.

· Schools with high levels of academic attainment

Spacious (Adjective) Synonym: Roomy

(of a room or building) large and with plenty of space for people to move around in

· The hotel rooms are spacious and comfortable.

Presumably (adverb) Synonym: Supposedly

Used to say that you think that something is probably true

· Presumably this is where the accident happened.

· You'll be taking the car, presumably?

· I couldn't concentrate, presumably because I was so tired.

· Presumably you’ll be leaving the children at home.

Demonstrate (Verb) Synonym: Display, Protest

[transitive] to show something clearly by giving proof or evidence

Demonstrate that…

· These results demonstrate convincingly that our campaign is working.

Demonstrate something (to somebody)

· Let me demonstrate to you some of the difficulties we are facing.

Demonstrate how, what, etc…

· His sudden departure had demonstrated how unreliable he was.

Demonstrate somebody/something to be something

· The theories were demonstrated to be false.

It is demonstrated that…

· It has been demonstrated that this drug is effective.Language Bank

[transitive] demonstrate something to show by your actions that you have a particular quality, feeling or opinion

· You need to demonstrate more self-control.

· We want to demonstrate our commitment to human rights.

[transitive] to show and explain how something works or how to do something

Demonstrate something (to somebody)

· Her job involves demonstrating new educational software.

Demonstrate (to somebody) how, what, etc…

· Let me demonstrate to you how it works.

[intransitive] to take part in a public meeting or march, usually as a protest or to show support for something

Demonstrate (against something)

· Students demonstrating against the war

Demonstrate (in favour/support of something)

· They are demonstrating in favour of free higher education.

Homogeneity (noun) Synonym: Uniformity

The quality of being homogeneous

· Cultural homogeneity is created by education and the media.