IELTS Book 8 GT B Vocab

Book 8 GT B

Resort (Noun) Synonym: Recourse

[countable] a place where a lot of people go on holiday/vacation

· Seaside/ski/mountain, etc. resorts

· (British English) a popular holiday resort

· The resort town of Byron Bay

· Destination resorts such as Atlantis in the Bahamas

· They spent a month at a fashionable ski resort in Switzerland.

[uncountable] resort to something the act of using something, especially something bad or unpleasant, because nothing else is possible

· There are hopes that the conflict can be resolved without resort to violence.

The first/last/final resort the first or last course of action that you should or can take in a particular situation

· Strike action should be regarded as a last resort, when all attempts to negotiate have failed.

· In the last resort (= in the end) everyone must decide for themselves.

Leaflet (Noun) Synonym: Pamphlet

A printed sheet of paper or a few printed pages that are given free to advertise or give information about something

· A leaflet on local places of interest

· Pick up a free leaflet from your local post office.

Suspect (Verb) Synonym: Doubtful

[transitive, intransitive] to have an idea that something is probably true or likely to happen, especially something bad, but without having definite proof

Suspect (something)

· If you suspect a gas leak, do not strike a match or even turn on an electric light.

· Suspecting nothing, he walked right into the trap.

· I didn’t want the neighbours suspecting anything.

· As I had suspected all along, he was not a real policeman.

Suspect (that)…

· I began to suspect (that) they were trying to get rid of me.

· I suspect (that) she might be lying.

It is suspected that…

· It was suspected that the drugs had been brought into the country by boat.

Suspect somebody/something to be/have something

· She suspected him to be an impostor.

[transitive] to have an idea that somebody is guilty of something, without having definite proof

Suspect somebody/something of something

· He resigned after being suspected of theft.

Suspect somebody/something of doing something

· I suspected her of damaging the equipment.

· The drug is suspected of causing over 200 deaths.

Suspect somebody/something

· Whom do the police suspect?

[transitive] suspect something to be suspicious about something; to not trust something

· I suspected her motives in offering to help.

Negligence (Noun) Synonym: Disregard

The failure to give somebody/something enough care or attention

· The accident was caused by negligence on the part of the driver.

· The doctor was sued for medical negligence.

Blemish (Noun) Synonym: Flaw

A mark on the skin or on an object that spoils it and makes it look less beautiful or perfect

· Make-up to cover blemishes

· (figurative) His reputation is without a blemish.

Turnaround (Noun) Synonym: Reversal

The amount of time it takes to unload a ship or plane at the end of one journey and load it again for the next one

· IA planes normally take an hour for a turnaround.

The amount of time it takes to do a piece of work that you have been given and return it

A situation in which something changes from bad to good

· A turnaround in the economy

A complete change in somebody’s opinion, behaviour, etc.

· They remain suspicious about the government’s turnaround on education policy.

Monolingual (Adjective) Synonym: Speaker

Speaking or using only one language

· A monolingual dictionary

Bilinguals (Adjective) Synonym: Speaker

Able to speak two languages equally well

· She is bilingual in English and Punjabi.

Using two languages; written in two languages

· Bilingual education/communities

· A bilingual dictionary