IELTS Writing Task 2 : Sample 35

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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

As the number of private cars has increased, so too has the level of pollution in many cities.

What can be done to tackle this increasingly common problem?

Write at least 250 words

Response 1

Pollution is the elephant in the room that everyone ignores but somehow manages to feed- excessively, I might add. One of the leading contributing factors of pollution is the rapidly increasing number of privately owned cars in every society.

The impact of owning cars is a concept that is widely ignored in the face of most people's desire for new, fancy cars. In some cases, it is more of a need than a simple desire; in the cases of people with large families or those who travel great distances for studies or work or a number of other reasons. However, public transport plays a great role in remedying such problems, save for a few cases where it is inapplicable. Those of the community who can make use of public transport must utilize this commodity to the extent of their need for it- for it allows for more passengers to be transported while releasing the harmful toxins of only one car as opposed to those of each individual with their own car. The damage each car causes to our environment and atmosphere- especially the ozone layer- cannot be undermined by its severity. Every bit of precaution is advised with regard to the health of our surroundings.

Now, in terms of solutions to this diabolical plight to the Earth, the obvious course of action would be to encourage citizens to utilize public transport as much as they can. A way to encourage this- in a time where public transport is deemed less than desirable due to several factors- is to improve public transport itself. Make it more comfortable for passengers as well as more efficient in terms of hasty and safe travels. New and improved modes of public transport should be introduced and broadcasted to the media.

So let us not ignore the rather obese elephant in the room- our biosphere- and take every baby step and every giant leap towards changing our environment for the better.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.