Withheld IELTS Result

Credibility of IELTS - The reasons for a withheld result

The International English Language Testing System, more commonly known as IELTS, is a system working on par with the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and The University of Cambridge: English Language Assessment provides tests to interested parties for the purpose of granting visas for various functions such as working or studying overseas, amongst other things.

Due to various cases of attempted fraud by test takers, IELTS is bound to scrutinize every test written even more than the norm. IELTS is a highly credible, renowned institute of the English language. We conduct work of the highest quality and expect the same in return.

IELTS implements multiple effective safety measures against almost all forms of fraudulent activity. There are over 900 IELTS-administered examination centres worldwide, with professionals available at each and every one, ensuring that all standards are adhered to and monitoring IELTS speaking, reading and writing tests personally.

That being said, it is only natural for exam results and exam centre progression to be scrutinized all the more. We test language proficiency, after all, which should be considered a matter of utmost importance with regard to how accurately it is tested.

Being considered one of the best English testing institutions does not come as a light title to bear; we pay ample attention to the preparation and training that every prospective test taker is in need of before embarking on their journey through IELTS. Sites such as this one are oriented specifically for the test takers’ needs, catering to the requirements of students in every module with sample articles and various other helpful material, including free language proficiency tests perfectly tailored to prepare one for actual IELTS exams. IELTS Writing Task 2 contains expertly written sample articles that are meant to serve as templates and examples for test takers to look to for guidance in reading and writing, it is among the many programs offered on this site to help test takers with preparing to take IELTS exams. This IELTS training site is an entire online training centre in itself.

IELTS promises authenticity in every aspect of English language proficiency testing and expects honesty and hard work in return.

By Wardah R.