Book 6 Test 2 Section 2

Greying Population Stays in the Pink

Accelerate (verb) Synonym: Quicken

To happen or to make something happen faster or earlier than expected

  • Inflation continues to accelerate.
  • Exposure to the sun can accelerate the ageing process.

Decline (noun) Synonym: Decrease

Decline (in something) | decline (of something) a continuous decrease in the number, value, quality, etc. of something

  • A rapid/sharp/gradual decline-urban/economic decline
  • The company reported a small decline in its profits.

Epidemic (noun) Synonym: Disease

A large number of cases of a particular disease happening at the same time in a particular community

  • the outbreak of a flu epidemican epidemic of measles
  • Effectively, tobacco companies will be exporting an epidemic of smoking-related diseases, the campaign suggests.

Predecessor (noun) Synonym: Precursor

A person who did a job before somebody else

  • The new president reversed many of the policies of his predecessor.his immediate predecessor in the postmy predecessor at the Ministry of Defence

A thing, such as a machine, that has been followed or replaced by something else

  • This computer has a larger memory than its predecessor.

Surge (verb) Synonym: Increase

To move quickly and with force in a particular direction

  • The gates opened and the crowd surged forward.
  • Flood waters surged into their homes.He surged past the other runners on the last lap.

To fill somebody with a strong feeling

  • Relief surged through her.

To suddenly increase in value

  • Share prices surged.
  • Related noun upsurge

Reference : Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary