36 # Cue Card (Communcation)

Describe the different means of communication

You should say:

  • What are those
  • What is your favorite
  • What are the pros and cons of using it

and explain how it changed your life.


The innovative progress that human communication has made since the dawn of time can be viewed as the pinnacle of all human progression itself. It is technologically and philosophically ever-changing. This immense progression comes in a multitude of forms that include electronic mail (commonly known as email), letters, various technology-oriented social medium and I'll throw in the good old wonders of interactive speech for good measure, among others forms. Amongst all basic forms, the interactive wonders of speech is by far my favourite, despite my considerably lacking social skills. I believe this form of communication is the most enlightening and educational in many ways. I romanticise the dated tradition of letter-writing because, quite frankly, it enhances eloquence in anyone who endeavours to compose a well-crafted letter as well as the fact that it looks wonderful. In technology-oriented forms of communication, WhatsApp is naturally my favourite owing to the fact that it is the cheapest and most convenient to use. It is the most widely used social network, at present. The disadvantages that accompany this form of maintaining communication through this medium is the fact that it leaves us, humans, lacking various skills that come with actual interaction, it makes us lazy and far too absorbed with the screens of our digital tools. So I will try to the best of my abilities to maintain face-to-face contact with the world and people around me.

Thank you.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.