How to score 7 bands in IELTS reading

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7 or Above Bands in IELTS Reading - An open-eyes dream

By Muhammad Ayaz Aslam

Professionally speaking, the author of this article holds the degree in M.Phil Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) from one of the renowned university of the country in liberal arts (Beacon House National University BNU). His investigation was in IELTS Academic reading module. In the findings, Mr Muhammad Ayaz Aslam, explicitly first unearths and then elaborate the problems: mostly test takers face in Pakistan while taking the reading assessment.

The purpose of writing this article

Being an English language teacher, my students who want to score higher bands in IELTS (International English Language Testing System), concerns regarding the difficulty level of IELTS reading assessment always evoke my literary aesthetic sense. To be true, a huge majority in Pakistan is struggling to achieve their desired scores in the reading test, and only a few, at the end of the day, destined to celebrate their result. In the light of my experience, the curriculum and teaching methodologies which is being broadly used in the country to quench the intellectual thirst of knowledge seekers is the prime reason of this lacking in the reading module, yet there are other factors too.

The most demanding discussion

Driving home the point, in the present context, learning the resolution is more important than going deep into the reasons of poor reading comprehension, and scoring higher bands in IELTS is the most demanding question among the test takers, in the running days, especially when they are running out of time. First and foremost, extending your knowledge in general reading is the first step when you are heading to produce the ground breaking result in IELTS. Secondly, after having a sound knowledge of general reading and the ways to get mastery in this skill of English language, a learner should narrow down his or her investigation to score the desired bands in the assessment.

General Reading Skill

"Reading maketh a full man", Francis Bacon once said. By acknowledging the pivotal importance of reading, critics around the world keep on magnifying the outcomes of this habit. However, in the current era, one wants to learn: how to get on in reading in no time? Intelligentsia should inculcate awareness among the people, especially youngsters, regarding the said issue by using highly persuasive and motivational methods. If you develop the interest, you will produce good readers. Reading, reading and more reading is the solution to improve this skill, to make it simple, practice plays a vital role if you feel like to get mastery in the desired skill.

IELTS Reading Construct

In actuality, despite the assessment - IELTS - is one of the most credible testing systems in the world, some educationists have shown their reservations regarding the construct of reading assessment. For a common reader, the term 'construct' defines the operational definition of a literary term, and its significance in a research is undeniable. In IELTS reading test, the testing body accessing a range of sub-skills of a test taker

in the culmination of the scattered ideas