Letter - Sample 29

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Writing Task 1 – You should spend about 20 minutes on this task || (minimum words limit 150)

You have a friend who is about to enter university, and he wants you to advise him on which subject to specialize in – history, in which he is very interested, or computer science, which offers better job prospects.

Response 1

Dear Billy,

I was thrilled to hear of your enthusiasm about furthering your studies and humbled that you decided to consult me for advice on the matter. A choice between history and computer sciences is a difficult one, indeed.

Job prospects are people focus on, these days. Paying little to no mind to the actual passion that needs to go into every job if true success is desired. Generating a large revenue is not the only thing you should focus on, leave that to the rest of the world. Money does not, in fact, buy happiness- contrary to popular belief. If- and only if- you believe you will enjoy computer sciences in the long run- imagining sitting behind a desk, before a computer screen- then you should strongly consider combining the two professions.

Despite history being one of the less popular professions- I think therein lay the advantage. You're most certainly smart enough to pioneer this profession- true passion, after all, is a hard thing to come by. Judging by the expertise you already possess on the subject of computers, you most certainly have a winning chance of incorporating either of the two specialities into one another. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have both the passion and the skill, so don't let yours go to waste. Utilize what you can, as much as you can. Hard work and dedication are always rewarded somehow.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

Written by Wardah Razzaq.