2 # Cue Card (Foreign Country)

Describe a foreign country you have never been to

You should say:

  • Where the country is
  • when you will go there
  • why would you like to go there

and explain why this is a good country to visit


If I will have a chance then definitely I visit to Great Britain. There are many reasons of visiting this country because by profession I am a linguist and went through literature and biography of many successful people from this country. Another reason that for some time the people from this country.. they ruled over subcontinent and I live in Pakistan so I read the history and I learnt how these people became successful and how they rule over here not only here but all over the world they ruled. The second thing which attracted me towards this country that is universities especially this is the dream of the people and the dream of the knowledge seekers who want to develop and extend their knowledge they want to get admission in The Cambridge and Oxford Universities. These are the Alma maters which produced a number of scholars around the world. The state is no more the part of European Union but still its existence and its economy is stable and it is better than many other countries and I will go there which is in my plan then I will check some of the universities there premises and in my next visit i will definitely take admission because for some reasons I could not take admission in this year. But, in the next session I mean the first session of the next year i will get admission in Phd. So these are some of the reasons I want to visit this country Thank you so much.

Other possible vocabulary:

Magnificent Coast, Breathtaking Forests, Skyscrapers, Monuments, Landscapes, Natural beauty, Amiable citizens, Chance of entertainment, unique in design, Predictably stunning, Exceptionally distinctive architecture, The real jaw-dropper, Devastating earth quake, Tallest mountains, The greatest natural Wonders, Loveliest cities, Stunning Islands, The best wildlife destinations in the world.

Response 2 (Script)

As much as I would love to travel, I have done very little of it, much to my dismay. Of all the countries I haven't been to but would love to one day visit, the United Kingdom is personally the most desirous of them all.

I am a science, literature and history fanatic, so one could imagine the draw that a country such as Britain would have for me. A majority of the brilliant scientists and authors originated from Britain, such as Stephen Hawking and J. R. R. Tolkien. I often wistfully imagine walking in virtually familiar places and landmarks in the cities or in Cambridge or Oxford University. Not only is everything about the place educationally incredible, it is so historically rich, as well. I would love to explore all the historical sites in the country if I ever got the chance, one of my rather childish fascinations with the place does include the story of King Arthur and Merlin as well as the imaginary tales of the great Sherlock Holmes, after all.

Britain, I believe, has its own culture and way of living that is entirely unique. I adore the way and accent with which the residents speak English, making it sound melodic in a way that other English-speakers cannot. Additionally, the expert architecture with its spires, complex and convenient designs and buildings that make nothing less than a bold statement is enough to make anyone feel like they are living in the eras of great change. I, for one, would never mind the reputably perpetual cloudy weather that Britain possesses, I'd probably find it beautiful.

Britain is a country of both beauty and opportunity. It would be a dream come true to go there one day.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.