53 # Cue Card (Accidental Friend)

Describe a person who accidentally became your friend

You should say:

  • Who the person is
  • How you met him/her
  • What made you two become friends

and explain how is your friendship now.


I unexpectedly made friends on my first day of high school. Going to high school, I did not really know anyone from there, unlike the rest of my class fellows, who seemed to know a number of people from the high school already. The new kids, myself included, were subject to an initiation "event", for lack of a better word, that was basically a tradition that consisted of the new grade eight students being tortured and having to obey the seniors of the high school- the grade twelve students. We were made to dress up as odd things of the seniors' choosing and commanded to do partake in various embarrassing activities. The excitement was rather marred by the embarrassment of the whole situation for the lot of us. Standing in a queue, dressed as my perception of a germ, waiting for my head to covered in honey and dunked into flour, I bonded with the girl standing before me in line over the all-around suckiness of the situation we somehow found ourselves in, as well our mutual hatred for honey. We became good friends ever since. We have remained good friends even now, after having completed high school and having gone our separate ways. We maintain sparse but fond contact with one another to this day.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.