IELTS Book 7 Test 2 Section 2


Aesthetic adjective Synonym: Beautiful

Concerned with beauty and art and the understanding of beautiful things

· An aesthetic appreciation of the landscape

· The works of art are judged on purely aesthetic grounds

· The benefits of conservation are both financial and aesthetic.

Made in an artistic way and beautiful to look at

· Their furniture was more aesthetic than functional.

Collateral noun Synonym: Indirect, Secondary

[uncountable] (finance) property or something valuable that you promise to give to somebody if you cannot pay back money that you borrow

· We had put our house up as collateral for our bank loan.

Colleagues noun Synonym: Co-worker

A person that you work with, especially in a profession or a business

· A colleague of mine from the office

· We were friends and colleagues for more than 20 years.

· The Prime Minister and his Cabinet colleagues

Commitment noun Synonym: Pledge, Guarantee

[countable, uncountable] a promise to do something or to behave in a particular way; a promise to support somebody/something; the fact of committing yourself

Commitment (to somebody/something)

· She doesn't want to make a big emotional commitment

· To Steve at the moment.

· The government’s commitment to public services

Commitment to do/doing something

· The company's commitment to providing quality at a reasonable price has been vital to its success.

[uncountable] commitment (to somebody/something) the willingness to work hard and give your energy and time to a job or an activity

· A career as an actor requires one hundred per cent commitment.

[countable] a thing that you have promised or agreed to do, or that you have to do

· He's busy for the next month with filming commitments.

· Women very often have to juggle work with their family commitments.

[uncountable, countable] commitment (of something) (to something) agreeing to use money, time or people in order to achieve something

· The commitment of resources to education

· Achieving success at this level requires a commitment of time and energy.

Conservative adjective Synonym: Orthodox, Traditional

Opposed to great or sudden social change; showing that you prefer traditional styles and values

· The conservative views of his parentsmusic which is accessible to an audience with extremely conservative tastes

· Her style of dress was never conservative.

(also Conservative) connected with the British Conservative Party

· Conservative members/supporters

(of an estimate) lower than what is probably the real amount or number

· At a conservative estimate, he'll be earning £50 000.

Cryptosporidium noun Synonym: A Parasite

A parasite found in water that causes infections inside the body

· Cryptosporidium is responsible for many of the human diseases relating to the stomach and intestine.

Emission noun Synonym: Discharge, Diffusion

[uncountable] (formal) the production or sending out of light, heat, gas, etc.

· The emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphereemission controls

[countable] gas, etc. that is sent out into the air

· The government has pledged to clean up industrial emissions.

Enormous adjective Synonym: Immense

Extremely large

· An enormous house/dogan enormous amount of timeenormous interest

· The problems facing the President are enormous.

Externalities noun Synonym: Face, Expanse

[countable] (economics) a consequence of an industrial or commercial activity which affects other people or things without this being reflected in market prices

· Pollution is a negative externality that imposes a cost—reduced happiness—on the victims.

[uncountable] (philosophy) the fact of existing outside the person or thing that is aware of it

· Man’s externality to an indifferent natural world

Fertilisers noun Synonym: Manure

A substance added to soil to make plants grow more successfully

· Artificial/chemical fertilizers

· Liquid fertilizera bag of fertilizer

· He spread fertilizer on the field with a rake.

Hectare noun Synonym: Measuring Unit

A unit for measuring an area of land; 10 000 square metres or about 2.5 acres

Hedgerows noun