38 # Cue Card (Favorite Room)

Which room in your house is your favorite

You should say:

  • What thing do you like from the room
  • Why do you regard it as the favorite
  • What changes do you want to make in it


If I were to choose the place I'd prefer to spend most of my time, I'd choose my backyard. But, contrary to the topic at hand, the backyard is not, in fact, considered a room. My favourite room in my house is naturally my bedroom. Much like the majority of the youth, my room is basically the physical embodiment of my comfort zone. I like the fact that it is my own space to design and control, perhaps that is a childish craving for power and control or a yearning to design and create a space that complements my needs and desires. I've painted my room's walls with alternating themes of black and white and have decorated it with muted tones of furniture, brown being the most common. My closet, books and computer are conveniently located in my room, allowing for long nights of work without being much of a bother to the rest of the household. It's my own personal space for hoarding the weird artefacts and other objects that I create or collect, seeing as my mother would never allow them to decorate the rest of the house. One of the many reasons also includes the cliche fact that it gives me privacy, a commodity that I have and appreciate now than when I lacked and yearned for it in the past. I'd like to add a bookshelf of considerable size once I have procured the money to afford all the books I've been wanting to purchase lately. I believe there's a satisfaction in having and filling a space that belongs to you.

Written by Wardah.