47 # Cue Card (Health Situation)

Describe the health situation in your country

You should say:

  • What are the common diseases in your country
  • In health care expensive in your country
  • How should the government deal with this problem

and explain whether you like th current health condition in hospitals or not.


I live in South Africa, and, in my opinion, it fares relatively well for a developing country with limited resources. The most common disease is HIV and Aids. The few medical practitioners have excelled quickly in the past years to improve overall medical provision for a majority of the country. Although they usually fall short with more modern and expensive practices, they do what they can with the limited resources. Though, I admit, the system has ample room for improvement considering that in my opinion, far too many patients are left unhelped due to a considerable number of hospitals being understaffed, sometimes with a lone doctor having to contend with numerous amounts of patients with no help. Private hospitals are rarely an option for most people due to how expensive it is. So public hospitals are understaffed but very affordable, while private hospitals are unaffordable and also adequately staffed and equipped. Such is the economy. I think the governing body should provide public hospitals with more equipment, focus funds into the healthcare department of the country as well as promote doctors working in public hospitals in order to ensure that every class of society gets the help they deserve, as is the government's right.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.