42 # Cue Card (Happiest Moment)

Describe the happiest moment in your life.

You should say:

  • Why do you regard it as the happiest moment
  • When it happened

and explain how did it affect your life.


One of the happiest moments of my was a counterpart to one of the saddest moments. My family and I moved to a different town and, as a result, my favourite cat ran away due to a few factors that included the unfamiliar terrain. My mother forbade from getting another cat, arguing that it was unnecessary. I was resigned to not having a cat until I started feeling an increasing magnitude of despair as the weeks and months went by without having a cat, considering I find the company of cats far more desirable than that of other people. After long, I finally convinced my father to let me adopt a cat and I waited until my parents were away for a few weeks on work before finally having my brother take me to the vet to adopt a cat. I was overjoyed at the entire prospect, at having and raising a cat in our new house. Upon arriving at the vet, the smile I sported scarcely left my face as a reflection of my happiness. I learned that they had a family of stray cats in their vet, a mother and her three female kittens. The veterinarian opened their cage and one of the kittens, a grey one, immediately came to me and started meowing, purring and climbing to sit on my shoulder. I was obviously smitten there and then. I chose to adopt the grey kitten and another dark kitten that had spectacular patterns in its fur, even though I was very tempted to adopt the entire family of cats. My mother would never allow that. I don't think I'll ever regret adopting those kittens, even now when there are a lot more mouths to feed. They make me happy.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.