15 # Cue Card (Party)

Describe a party that you enjoyed

You should say:

  • Whose party it was and what it was celebrating
  • Where the party was held and who went to it
  • What people did during the party

Explain what you enjoy about this party


  1. Village hotel
  2. dressed up with colorful clothes
  3. illuminate
  4. Magnify
  5. Jewels
  6. Pin dorp silence in the hall
  7. Huge sound of clapping
  8. Raising slogans in favour of
  9. Dazzling lights
  10. Sound System
  11. Exquisitely crafted furniture
  12. Served with various continental Cuisines
  13. Smiling faces
  14. 3 floored cake
  15. Artificial flowers/ plants
  16. Hall was decorated with...

Script :

It was one freezing eve of December. My friend called me on the birthday party of his brother. First I was reluctant to join it, later i made my mind to attend it with zeal and Zest. I rushed to a flower shop and purchased a colorful Bucket of Tulip and roses. It was....


One of the more memorable celebrations I've attended includes my high school friend's birthday party. She had decided to celebrate it at her house and had invited me and all our classmates, since we were in the same grade, along with a few other friends. It was a beach-themed party so there were a lot of colourful, floral-themed clothes and everyone looked splendid. The birthday celebration was held a few weeks after my friend's actual birthday due to the fact that we were quite preoccupied with schoolwork and tests. The person responsible for the food was a professional personal chef who truly outdid himself with the great meal and refreshments offered to us. Not only was the food delicious, it was quite colourful as well- working well with the theme at hand; which was quite pleasing. We were offered an array of colourful drinks, refreshing fruit salads, meaty goodness in the form of curry and much more. Being a tremendous foodie, I was beyond elated upon having my fill. All who attended the party were a pleasant bunch, sharing laughs and playful jibes. The mood of the celebration was improved further yet with a good selection of music that was not too overbearing and just right for an enjoyable time. Some partygoers even enjoyed themselves in the swimming pool, basking in the cool water under the summer sun. Before we all departed, there was a brief game of truth and dare which I'm sure everyone immensely enjoyed but spoke little about. I will forever remember that birthday party celebrated among friends.

Written by Wardah Razzaq.